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Valentine’s date turns into a fight as Nigeria girl refuses to go home with the guy

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Valentine's Day: Companies that profit the most off love
Valentines Day

ABUJA-(MaraviPost)-A viral picture making the rounds on social media of a guy dragging a lady along and she was pulling backward refusing to follow the guy.

The story goes as thus, the two had agreed on a Valentine’s day date and the girl obliged.

They met as agreed at shoprite for the Valentine outing. After the lunch date, and consumption of foods, it was time to go home.

The boy had asked the girl to follow him home so as to pay in kind for all he had spent on her for the Valentine but she refused.

This got the boy pissed as he recounts how much he has spent.

He then dragged the girl out forcefully to either follow him to his house or pay for all he had spent on the date.

The girl insisted that she wasn’t going to follow the guy home, that they only agreed to go out on a Valentine’s date and nothing more. They whole thing turned into a fight.

See the photos as they created a scene :

Who is right among the two?

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  1. The lady has questions to answer
    What is significance of Valentine’s day in this scenario
    Lady….. did you take him for a brother…….when he charted u up? You agreed for the outing!

    The lady is selfish prostitute
    Yes she is ……

    You knew so well it’s a romance filled day….you are a temptation and u know it…….ur own was to chop his moni and u think he needs nothing in return???
    I think this a lesson to many ladies out there

    It sounds like a guy will chat u and invite u home…..u keep pretending like u don’t love him
    While at the same u pay him a visit…….on a romantic and smooth discussion he ask for sex and u refuse…..he does it by force….then u creat an alarm saying he raped u

    Who took u there
    What took u there
    Stop pretending u are guilty big time….
    Pls ladies learn to
    Be real .be yourself
    Keep values and dignity at a Maximum….. …

    Don’t hang around with a guy u can’t give sex to
    We know men are like twin brothers to sex

    See nohhh am busy
    The lady is dam wrong

  2. This guy’s action does not show maturity even if the girl had agreed to follow him to his house that day.

  3. Men like him are angry. Strong and confident men spend money on women without expectation. Either someone hurt him in his past or he can’t afford to be dating right now. She will find a good respectful man.

  4. The man is an illiterate fool.
    I am glad the young lady stood her grounds….She is not a prostitute…..
    I hope she learned something from the fool….Her body is worth more than a dinner….

  5. He’s a fool. Spending money on a woman has one name: prostitution. If she wouldn’t go home with him for free she sure as Hell wasn’t going home with him in exchange for his resources LMAO. Hopefully he learnt his lesson.

  6. People just can’t be nice anymore to people without expecting something in return, smh. He should be in jail right now.

  7. Exactly. He was mad because he didn’t get any sex, smh. Why men feel like they are obligated to sex after only knowing a woman, or hanging out with a woman less than 24 hours is mind boggling. This has happened to me. I told a guy no on the first date, and he assaulted me with a 2 piece to the face. Men feel like they can just attack especially African American women and control them.

  8. The guy should be arrested for molestation , sexual intimidation and public nuisance…Its not a force to go home with him on mere spending of valentine things… If he had paid him for day break she should refund him or he call police and not taking law into his hands n creating stupid public nuisance..

  9. The boy is stupid. All he wanted was sex paid for but the lady is not the kind of a lady. They only had s date at venue agreed by both of them and nothing more.
    The boy should be arrested for assaulting the lady.

  10. Why is the question who is right among the two even asked, are ya freakin kidding me?

    I’m gonna go for sarcasm here and it’s sad I need a disclaimer for all you fairies who’d take this as anything but:

    Yeah. The dude totally deserved his wee ? lil bitty pee pee servicing in exchange for his heart candies and lunch at ShopRite discount buffet line that’s so romantic, what a bitch! How dare she… ? Poor guy for sure he deserves so much better than that. I just don’t understand women these days, they act so dang entitled ?

  11. The young guy is wrong Why did he take this girl out under false pretense Expecting payment i. Return.Is she a prostitute.I agree its only a date she agreed too.If he was expecting sex or paynent he should have stated it up front.He is a fool.Women don’t have to put out of her body for a meal and a couple drinks. He company alone deserves a meal.What are women and men teaching their sons about manhood is scary.Family we need ro train our boys and girls to value each other.Blacks are dating out our race for this very reason.We are suffering low Blsck Births Because we don’t respect each other or don’t value each other.Such a sad condition we are in.What will our future hold.This young man was not train by any men in his life.I feel bad for them both.Disepecable behavior post date What did he think he was owed sex of two minutes?

    • she could have at least given him a blowjob. i mean, its just what, 10 mins blowjob for all he had done, spent money for. you know, maybe he worked very very hard for the money and he wont eat for a week now. she will just find another guy to pay her meal. then next time another guy and so on. no girl pays a man meal, ever!

      • Ewwwww, and catch a disease? Down grade herself? What a stupid comment! He should of paid a hooker for sex and got on with his day

      • Are you dumb she doesn’t have to give him a blowjob!! It’s just a date men like you are complete trash I hope he goes to jail

      • Brothers and sisters that’s the effects of drugs.. sniffing glue he should be arrested then tested.. women if it looks to easy there’s probably something wrong with the guy…….

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