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Valentine's Day: Companies that profit the most off love
Valentines Day

ABUJA-(MaraviPost)-A viral picture making the rounds on social media of a guy dragging a lady along and she was pulling backward refusing to follow the guy.

The story goes as thus, the two had agreed on a Valentine’s day date and the girl obliged.

They met as agreed at shoprite for the Valentine outing. After the lunch date, and consumption of foods, it was time to go home.

The boy had asked the girl to follow him home so as to pay in kind for all he had spent on her for the Valentine but she refused.

This got the boy pissed as he recounts how much he has spent.

He then dragged the girl out forcefully to either follow him to his house or pay for all he had spent on the date.

The girl insisted that she wasn’t going to follow the guy home, that they only agreed to go out on a Valentine’s date and nothing more. They whole thing turned into a fight.

See the photos as they created a scene :

Who is right among the two?

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