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Mike Tyson gives out US$10millions to any man to marry his daughter

Mike Tyson and her daughter Mitchell

CHICAGO-(MaraviPost)-Mike Tyson former world boxing champion is giving out US$10 million to whoever man will marry his eldest daughter.

Tyson who grew up in the slums, liked to fight since he was a child.

He dropped out of high school to participate in some relatively small boxing matches. Later, he got help from the dignitaries.

After becoming famous, Tyson has been favored by many beautiful women, with three marriages and many children of his own.

Among them, Mitchell is his eldest daughter. The eldest daughter has already reached the marriageable age, and the marriage has always been the concern of Tyson.

In order to find her a boyfriend, Tyson proposed 10 million dollars for his daughter’s marriage.

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As long as the man married her daughter, he could take 10 million dollars away.

It turns out that Mitchell in the photo inherits the characteristics of her father.

Her skin is dark, her body is very big, and she weighs 150kg, just like a female version of Tyson.

After seeing the photos of Tyson’s daughter, you can also understand why the netizens have such a reaction.

After all, most people like to marry a smaller wife than themselves.

Maravi Post Reporter
Maravi Post Reporter
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  1. I am a Sierra Leonean. A social worker of 27 years old. Truthfully I want to married her. My contact +23277510644

  2. Am Sylvester a man is 25 I stay in Lagos nigeria, my home town anambra,I we marry her I promise no regret and if u can get us marry is my pressure but if not is will AF God thanks.

  3. I like to marry her even without any money. I like her.
    id: @oghabshir in Telegram App
    I am 70 kg, 30 y/o

  4. I know a person who’s a big fan of Mike tyson.. Watches each match.. Now tht he saw the post definitely he would like to share tysons baby bud in his life. With this he can stay closure to tyson sir n can learn a lot from him. So if interested call dhanraj. S from pondicherry
    Contact 8610425579

  5. Hi I’m Eddie and I’m ready to marry her no matter what the conditions are this in my contact +393296424751 can add me on WhatsApp and this is my Facebook account figlio di Beneditta

  6. In life, money is Important to survive in this world, but money, not everything.

    Happiness does not come with money, it comes with the people around you

  7. am interested I like her so much and am a Nigerian by birthday I will drop my email address and my mobile numbers to call or send a text message outside the money myke tyson is dropping I like her and I know she will like me too thanks expecting a feed back.

  8. I will marry her. It doesn’t matter for me how much weight does she has. If she interested on me I will marry her

  9. I don’t understand why he feels the need to do this. Who cares if she’s a big girl. She’s very attractive and I’ve no doubt she’d have no problem finding a decent man without the promise of money. I admire Mr. Tyson, and I’m sure he means well, but I feel this is rather insulting to his daughter

  10. Just because am a Uganda it can’t let me marry your daughter my number >><<<+256759999244

  11. Please sir am bright from Nigeria I love your daughter and I want to marry her from the button of my heart am 35 years old +2348026903275

  12. I’m Akeem Rasheed by name Am from nigeria, my legendary man Mike Tyson I want to married ur lovely daughter if it’s true and not a lying am ready to be inlaw this is my hotline 08107985125 nigeria line

    • For me I trust in emotional but not only the money have attracted me but I have been looking for a
      woman to marry or her to marry me

  13. Yes Hillary Mike Tyson s daughter she a city pie he can keep the 10 million but he has to give her away to me at the wedding ..ok Mike

    That’s the deal ..please contact Matthew Eagle I live in Granada hills my cell is 8189646495 let do it Mike the man she’s my wife and your my father in law …ok..

  14. Hi Mike Tyson honestly I dont need the money but your cute daughter if you could give me a chance am going to proove what i mean am from Africa Malawi I am a Lawyer by profession

  15. Mr. Tyson,
    Instead of offering money you should invest it on your daughter. She should betyer prepare herself with a degree, the confident and self love she needs. She dont need a man in her life to make her happy. She needs to focus on herself and learn how to carry herself and reflect the self
    confident she should have.

  16. I like how it says under the first Picture “Mike Tyson and “”her”” daughter Mitchell”

    Turned Mike now female ?

  17. Wait upon the Lord sir I know you want the best fr your daughter but please don’t let money be your daughters future its not just her time yet . Her heart beat is around the corner

    • What a jerk, this writer is. You’re so ugly. You’re even a coward and can’t publish your name. What a disgusting way of expressing yourself and using your words.

    • Iam ready to marry your daughter and IAM a Indian I don’t want money but true relation till the last breath…
      And IAM a gym instructor too so I’ll help her to transform..
      Height -6 feet
      Skin color – fair
      Contact – 8889767011

  18. 10 million should just about cover the food bill. 330 pounds is unhealthy. Use the money to get her some help.

  19. I’m ready for marriage with your daughter my contacts 9850392725 call me by I doesn’t want your money OK

  20. Im ready. Once you confirm, i will divorce my current wife; and order my tux.

    Does she want kids? then better hurry… for im nearing 50, and we have 10 million to spend on cruise. shucks..

    • I am a Middle class Indian Boy who has nothing to loose. I am thin and ready to face any problem. If I get a chance to marry I will be Honoured. I’m not interested in the money you announced nor I’m in greed of it.

  21. I’m ready to marry your daughter Sir, am from Sierra Leone, these are my contacts – +23278383800 / +23277905732

  22. I hit u and u fat daughter, give that money to charity.. love isn’t about money..
    in fact real luv still exist..
    so ur daughter will find a true husband ok .. not because of 10millions usd .. let she just pray and have hope

    • I would like Tyson to read my comments and I want u to know that I am interested pliz I am or else can I get your email

  23. My names is Ash . I will marry ur daughter , not that i just want money but she’s beautiful and i’d take care of her as i need a partner too in my life and im a big fan of urs tyson . I met you last year in texas . If you’re interested. Contact me . Thanks

  24. Love is commitment and marriage is further a lifetime commitment towards each other, given the opportunity can to nature the love with her, I can handle your whatsoever. From Kenya. 30yrs old, but unstable financially.?

  25. Mike, to be frank with you with others said was lie because they want money and I want to ask them question like this one after the other through call or email whether to accept condition found out late ,not to killl your daughter as well.they are all lier and I will marry and accept terms and conditions up that +2347012039678

  26. Beauty is only skin deep all that matters is what is internal.
    But honestly… I think she is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING…

  27. You like her or the 10 million dollar offer.
    How do you like her without holding a conversation yet?

    • My age is 18 and i would like marry her as this will give me a Partner for life and also money for my future.
      Height 6’4
      Shoe size 12 ?

      Contact 8796105526

  28. I am ready to marry your daughter Mike sir
    I am from India
    I am just 23 years old
    My contact and WhatsApp number +91-8839188236

  29. My age is 24 years old
    My Height is 6 feet

    I will marry her
    Because i like her

    My whatsapp number is +923030505309

  30. Am Jacob Ademola
    I’m ready to marry your daughter Mitchell, everything you say is okay by me and I promise I will never and ever disappoint your daughter Mitchell

  31. My name is ibrahim my nationality is Djibouti my age 33
    My height 1.75 my weight 75 kg so iam ready to marry his daughter

  32. Am interested in marrying your daughter Mitchell if she likes and love me .I will love and respect her,is not just about the money but she is pretty cool for me.

    • Mike, to be frank with you with others said was lie because they want money and I want to ask them question like this one after the other through call or email whether to accept condition found out late ,not to killl your daughter as well.they are all lier and I will marry and accept terms and conditions up that

  33. Hi Mike, sorry for the inconvenience it is just to say that I saw on the net that your daughter needed a man for marriage. In truth I am interested and what I know is that love is learned and over time it becomes a reality. So, I can be reached at +225 58 328 449.

  34. Hi Mike, sorry for the inconvenience it is just to say that I saw on the net that your daughter needed a man for marriage. In truth I am interested and what I know is that love is learned and over time it becomes a reality. So, I can be reached at +225 58 328 449.

  35. I live in France I am single mark Tyson don’t have to pay money I ready to married has daughter only to give me is blessing I will always love here for his don’t have to pay me I will married here daughter this is my number +33753346619

  36. The world is tough enough and we don’t need people like the untalented author Lloyd Mbanwa.

  37. Is this actually 100% true about his daughter wanting to get married? If so I want to get married myself how do I reach out to him about meeting him for this?

    • Hello I’m akash from India and I’m ready to marry your daughter please contact me at 8228057399

  38. Reading through the post I felt somehow within me cos I know that true love can’t be bought with money and what matters in marriage is the true love ,respect ,sincerity and honesty . To me the girl in question worth more than the money cos she is a woman and her own version of womanhood won’t be deny cos of her size or whatever the case might be . She is still a very pretty girl with a bright future that can still find her true love and not love of money . If I have to be interested in the post then it should be for the girl happiness and pride not for the money cos I seek for true love and I think if I found one then I can’t your with it cos true love is very hard to find . Yes we youth this days don’t believe in true love again rather we exchange love with money thinking that money is everything in life . The money can finish but the inner peace and love never end cos it has no boundary . so I rather go for true love rather than money . Mitchell ur a very cute looking girl and u deserve a real man that will truly love u for who u are and not for money .That’s my sincere contribution .
    Yours sincere

  39. I am not looking for the money…I am looking for if she we love me with happyness an true love ??????

    • You Lazy men looking for free, I see all your comments but bare in mind that for a Dad to put 10m dollars on his, himself knows that she is not a piece of cake.
      Terms and conditions apply and failure to comply or certify the her in any way, she will beat you up until you vomit the money

  40. Am Ephraim from Nigeria.
    I will marry her if the Monet will be given to me
    I will not marry another wife

  41. Sir.I’m from Liberia/Monrovia city
    I’m ready to take your daughter as my wife and promised u to take good care of her. This is opportunity for me to change my life and promised u never treat on bad,always be with her,never to let her feel bad. I promised u with my life.

  42. Hi I’m Nadeem from Pakistan
    Age 30 years
    I want to marry her
    But I have some conditions

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