Bingu Stadium
Bingu National Stadium: AEJ to decorate it with trees


If my brother Bingu were here, he and I would be the first to play football on that pitch. Bingu and I always loved sports. We used to play football under the Mlambe tree and around the church ground outside our home.

Sometimes we walked across several rivers and villages to play with other villages. In those days, we used to make footballs using banana leaves and plastic bags.
I have always said Bingu, the Dreamer may be dead, but His Dream Lives On. I promised to take forward his dream projects.
We completed the Bingu Hotel; We completed the Malawi University of Science and Technology, now we have completed the Bingu National Stadium, and soon we will be on the Mombera University. We are the Democratic Progressive Party.
The DPP, under my leadership is dreaming even bigger. We will develop this country tremendously. We will have the right systems and infrastructure that we need. And the journey has started.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today, sports is so modernized, that we need modern facilities to compete with the world. The Bingu National Stadium is a clear symbol that the DPP Government is determined to modernize sports and take it to international standards. This determination is our national spirit to make a difference.
The Bingu National Stadium is our national pride. This is one of the best sports facilities in the region. This is one of our best facilities in our time.
I know that there are some people who do not wish our footballers, athletes and boxers well. They have tried to discourage us and calling this Stadium a white elephant. They still want you to be using the same old-fashioned facilities. They don’t want Malawi to have good things, and yet they want Malawi to develop.
I am pleased we have made this Stadium happen and we will continue to develop this country against the will of those who do not wish Malawians well. Kaya afune,kaya asafune, chitukuko chipitilira!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For the first time, we have a multi-purpose stadium. This stadium has two football pitches. For the first time, we have football pitches set to the best international standards. For the first time, we have a modern tartan track for athletics.
This Stadium has revived our national pride and determination to excel in sports. On behalf of the people of Malawi, I wish to thank the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Through you, Ambassador Shi Ting Wang, convey our thanks to the President and the People of China. We will always treasure this Seventy Million Dollar ($70 million) stadium as another symbol of our friendship.
China is only a flight or two away. Your footballers and athletes are always welcome. I want to welcome all our Chinese brothers and sisters who are here with us. Malawi is your home in Africa, and our world is one. After all, God made the Earth round so that whichever way we go, we will always meet somewhere.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I want us a nation to make the best use of this stadium. What is required now, Minister Henry Mussa and your officials is that you must manage this stadium well.
Consider how best you can involve the private sector in managing this facility. If well managed, I know that this stadium can actually make good returns. This stadium is designed to serve the public in many ways because it is multi-purposed. Open the doors to Malawians to use and enjoy it. All in all, take good care of it.
Let me also appeal to all Malawians to desist from hooliganism during events at all sports venues including here. This is not a stadium for hooliganism. And this is not a place for vandalism. Therefore, I want to hear that this Stadium is guarded with good security and kept with good care.
Let me thank the contractors for a job well done. You completed this project ahead of schedule, and that is commendable.
Finally, let me invite you all to enjoy the first football match that will launch our stadium. I wish both the Flames of Malawi and the Guangzhou Football Club of China well. Enjoy!
And I declare Bingu National Stadium opened.
May God Bless us all!

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