Women of Malawi particularly those who are seduced to be dancing at political rallies must be stopped as they are “curry and recipes” for our politicians to be lying and cheating the nation.

The commissioning of the 55 diesel generating megawatts was not supposed to be of pomp and jovial because it is too late too long for the president who lied that this was going to happen late December 2017.

Worse still the 55 megawatts are not going to make any dent on the shortage of power in the country.

The hunger for power in a population of 17 million inhabitants stand at 3500 megawatts as of now if our nation was to develop.

With the 55 expensive megawatts we stand at 220 megawatts nationally which calls for no vigour or singing songs at all.

President Peter Mutharika was not supposed to be received by desperate citizens with songs of gratitude when commissioning the generator because he lied at the first place, he is allowing thieves in suits steal billions that could enhance and add more energy on the grid.

Malawi women! You are more important than singing for thieves. You are the group that is severely punished whether it is in the kitchen, homes, offices and business places. Seeing you dancing and ululating to a man who moves one step forward and speedily moves two steps back backwards is a big shame to you.

“A song, “kungobwera a Peter Mutharika magetsi kuyaka” is “cheap and stupid praises” that will make the president feel is ruling stupid and dead people.

President Peter Mutharika must be awaken to know that this is “An awakening era” no mistakes are tolerated by a servant of the people.

Commissioning of the 55 megawatts was not supposed to attract any citizen to Chichiri, to make the president realize that we are not his fools.

To make matters worse the president did not apologize to the nation for his lies, he made a promise at a ceremony where women danced with “thanks in advance” sometime in October 2017 about electricity problems to be over by December.

At the end of January 2018 citizens converge at Chichiri to dance for a man who lied, as the lies are not shameful enough to him he extends again to May 2018. I don’t see any reason for citizens to welcome such president with those lies.

The damage that has occurred from October to date cannot be repaired hence there is no need for people to keep such a failing leader with praises and songs.

Peter Mutharika was supposed at least to apologize or indicate why his promise could not materialize on time as promised to show that he is leading a nation of men and women of dignity. Failure to apologise Peter Mutharika is insulting our nation’s integrity and dignity.

A young democracy in South Africa grills all public servants who lies, give false promises, who steals, involved in corruption by active institutions such as parliamentary committee and judicial branches.

Malawi is more mature under democracy why are we failing to grill and take to task the likes of George Chaponda, Richard Makondi, the Gani family that has Guptad our nation, the Kossam who are holding us (owners of the land) hostage?

Billions of Kwachas have been stolen, the president who commissioned the expensive 55 megawatts is involved in cash gate of MK577 billion, he is a next of kin for the further stolen MK92 billion stolen by his late brother, he still presides an administration that is continuously plundering our nation in billions, should that kind of a leader be danced and ululated for providing little while he steal more? No! No! Malawians let us not clap hands for this nonsense.

We are awake now. Time of clapping hands for pain went with Kamuzu Banda, this time anyone and everyone including president Peter Mutharika, ministers, members of parliament, principal secretaries, ambassadors, chiefs, councillors, first ladies, police and military, whoever is misusing our taxes must be held accountable with punitive sentence if found guilty.

Time of clapping hands for nonsense is gone. Our nation is in shame for lack of proper services, roads, irrigation dams, food, good governance, development, rampant unemployment, our genius in schools chased, medicine in hospitals, social security and many more ills.

We do not need to be smiling where we are meant to show our anger. We do not need to keep quite where we see nonsense, we do not need to fear where there is need to express the truth, we do not need to keep quite where there is need for voicing, we do not need to fear death when we are trapped to it, we do not need to treat the government with kid gloves when it is punishing and killing us with corruption and state looting.

Until the day president Peter Mutharika or any other president who will rule Malawi start to treat citizens with respect, dignity and integrity we will return the same.

Women must stop shaming our nation with their dancing culture, it is making our leaders play with us, it make them think we are fools and stupid.

Electricity problems must completely stop that is the time any president deserve pat on the shoulder not now when we are still living in blackouts.

charity begins in our hearts not in the rallies.

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