Malawi Police
Malawi Police Nab Killers

KARONGA:  Two senior police officers at Karonga Police Station shocked the community when they started exchanging blows publicly The Maravi Post can reveal.

According to an eye witness who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity, the incident happened yesterday over money issues.

He identified the two senior officers as Bandewande and Chitandeni.

“It seems they made some money somewhere else and that they disagreed on how to share the money. So, the one who got the smaller share started asking partner publicly after being frustrated,” said our source.

“However, the one who got a lion’s share answered rudely and then the fight begun. Both suffered noticeable injuries and fight was broken up by the community,” he added.

When asked for a comment, Karonga police deputy spokesperson George Mlewa said he cannot comment on something happened outside of the office.

“No one has brought that case to our office, therefore it will be difficult to issue a comment,” said Mlewa.

When this reporter wanted to know if whether the development is a shame to the police and if any action will be taken, Mlewa said “I have already told you that we have not receive any report.”

However, Maravi Post have found out that the police are investigating the matter and likely will meter some disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, the community has condemned the development saying it is a shame.

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