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Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata

When Kenneth Sanga declared that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) intends to lord mediocrity over us until 2099, many laughed him off as a typical empty tin.But, when a few days later, Grace Chiumia, an MP and a minister echoed this disgusting thought by crowning Peter Mutharika the “Life president” of Malawi, people – for good reasons – became worried.

Why? Because our ancestors used to say: “Galuwamkotasakandirapachabe”.That is to say, when a bitch – take the pun any which way you choose – that had been entertaining neighbourhood dogs started burrowing, elders started expecting puppies to emerge.

Therefore, although a Life Presidency would not mean much given the incumbent’s advanced years, any line of thought in that direction is still repulsive.What is particularly nauseating is that here is an administration that can’t deliver, pondering how to cling to power and not how to dig us out of the mess it has entrenched us in!

I don’t want, even for a split second, to entertain the revolting prospect of another five years under this dministration for obvious reasons.What I find amusing is the cunning with which DPP is working towards its goal of total domination. The strategy is simple, and in its simplicity lays its strength.

Look around: What we see is runaway inflation, borrowing to build toilets, companies closing and laying off employees, shrinking productivity and hence less taxes with which to provide social services equitably.Blackouts, somehow tamed by the “mandasi” lady, Pres Joyce Banda, have returned with a vengeance, and taps that she had flowing with water 24/7 are now back to normal DPP dry standards.Mutharika is not only failing to employ doctors, teachers and nurses; he is also failing to pay those already employed.

Then there is the revival of DPP’s old religion: corruption.No sooner does one finish reading the MK577 billion looting audit and shielding of seven ministers implicated and corruption in the military now boosted with a needless reshuffle; is one confronted with headlines of corruption at the Roads Authority, corruption at National High Education Institute, and bingo, under the wise and pragmatic leadership of this ‘Life President’, corruption has found a home at the ACB where our pal and seemingly youthful director is just too keen to follow the footsteps of jailed Counsel Kasambara by introducing graft in the very establishment that is supposed to fight and prevent corruption!

When I look at these issues, I get the feeling that this chaos is all too well coordinated for the deterioration to be coincidental.

Why would anyone do this, you may ask.

Good question.

The answer is that the ploy is to stun all observers and critics with so many failures, all happening simultaneously, that no-one will see a pattern early enough to unite and dislodge Mutharika from power.

If at all we care about Malawi, have self-respect and claim to be God-fearing; we must stop this mediocrity overdose and put Mutharika in his place.This is not the time to be whistling our way past the graveyard. The result of this passive behaviour is why Malawi is now a country soon to be buried.

When you look at the University fee hike, despicable reduction by a paltry MK50,000, the intimidation of students’ representatives, and divide and conquer tactics to dismiss a legitimate national concern; we see a dictator too callous and confident that he can pee all over us without any reprisal.

We cannot continue allowing this to be the order of the day.

Look at the selective justice at play in Cash-gate. President Mutharika and the DPP administration are dragging their feet and completely unwilling to act.

And with the opposition busy squabbling, DPP managed to forestall Parliament when it was in session knowing that once parliament rose, the gullible and timid Malawian mind will soon forget the issue and move on to discussing Donald Trump and American elections. In this failure of President Mutharika to bring to book those implicated in that unprecedented looting of public resources, however, is all the evidence and demonstration anyone could ever need of a president in total scorn and contempt of the calling of his office. My appeal to you fellow Malawians is simple. Mutharika must be made to act. One way or the other.

What more evidence do we need that as long as Mutharika and his goons continue, there will be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Naturally, singing his boss’ song-sheet, Lucas Kondowe, ACB Director has stopped acting in the shadows after swallowing the impunity bug from head to toe.When he is not busy lampooning us with diversionary posts on the American campaign on social media, he is blatantly interfering with operations of other independent institutions including dropping a watertight 10-year-old case against BakiliMuluzi, citing lack of evidence.Was this not for the Judge to decide after the trial had run its course?

As I stated elsewhere, his predecessors, all of them experienced lawyers, four of them for Chris-sake, pursued the case with conviction that our money was stolen.

Comes this guy, he says there is no evidence. Makes sense to you? Who’s this guy?What we have here is a bootlicker’s impunity from the ACB director, encouraged by the fact that by doing Mutharika’s bidding he too can be licensed to loot.

To conclude, in these two years or so, we have suffered too many ills for one to shake a stick at. It’s not accidental. A strategy is at play.

Mutharika and his bandits have evolved from a horde trying to develop a country, to a con-men pretending to fix the nation’s problems, then to a gang totally unconcerned about fixing anything, and ended up as sixteen year olds that want to party everyday, as long as someone – and not them – picks the tab.

If all these developments are not enough a clarion call to demand our Malawi back, we will wake up one day to learn that the country has been leased and we are now tenants whose existence is to toil so that Mutharika and his goons can continue merrymaking.

Ignore the signs of the times at your peril.

Z. Allan Ntata
Z. Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata is a Barrister of Middle Temple, Anti-Corruption & Governance specialist and author of Trappings of Power: Political Leadership in Africa. Currently an Independent consultant in Governance and Anti-corruption, Ntata has a diverse background from lecturing in law to acting as legal counsel to the president of Malawi.


  1. As usual Ntata raises good points that get buried in tone. He can make the same points without sounding bitter and Angry. All people read are the Angry words and miss the bigger point he makes.

    Peter Mutharika was the most ready of our Presidents so why does he appear to be failing?

    Why does corruption continue in his DPP government and why does Chiumia misspeaks about life Presidency when Malawians cannot tolerate it?

    Language is important. Actions are also important that is why we fail to see any hope with Lazarus Chakwera who has shown that he is greedy by backing raising his Salary when Malawians go to bed with empty stomacks

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