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Of Economic Intelligence Unit report that DPP’s President Mutharika will win 2019 elections; Malawians own voting not reports from outside country

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika

By Saunders Jumah

In the last elections of 2014 same tabloids made similar statements and released same reports favouring the first woman president to win elections.

Uladi Mussa of “Change Goal philosophy” made noise across the country that his former party “Peoples Party” was going to win just because the report came from the UK; when elections came PP came a distant third.

We must be reminded, by then “fuel and forex” were everywhere and life was much better than today under the government of president Peter Mutharika whose recommendation is coming from outside the country when everyone inside the nation and a voter is crying because of hardships in both social and economic activities as well as welfare of citizens.

The dictum is warning the ruling party and president Peter Mutharika not to be fooled by this report, things are worse in Malawi, despite that Malawi is a country divided on regional lines but in 2019 surprises are yet to be noticed because citizens have opened eyes.

The fact that Saunders Jumah come from Blantyre does not mean he can be a development conscious leader. Neither does it mean being a professor is being highly educated and enlightened.

It takes a high degree of “moral ground” for one to become a great and best leader. These examples have been witnessed in Malawi for 54 years of independence.

Time when the international community was duped with high remittances to influence the outcome of elections in Africa went immediately after cold war.

Who knew the United States of America can start negotiating with rogue regimes? The past years America labeled North Korea as a terrorist nation and we all know they do not negotiate with terrorists.

Few days ago Donard Trump shared a table with supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

Global citizens are aware of the “lies” global powers do portray and no citizen is ready to listen or be fooled.

In this modern world it is citizens that must judge the activities of good leaders.

For Economic Intelligence Unit of Britain to predict the outcome of elections in 2019 is like insulting Malawians inside the country.

Cash gate costed the first woman president votes in 2014 despite (she) being the one that unveiled the vice after friends from within and without warning her to remain silent.

When votes came citizens got angry and listened to the voice of the opposition which by then seemed to voice for them.(unknowingly)

Four years later citizens across the country have opened eyes that (Mutu odwala Kansire anatema Kadzidzi) Joyce Banda was punished for the sins of others.

In 4 years thieves that engineered Cash gate have exposed their heads themselves. MK577 billion, MK92 billion was stolen before Joyce Banda came into power.

When the thieves came into power they hid the files of MK577 billion instead of stopping stealing, Malawians have seen worst theft of public funds and taxes.

Almost each and every second day all state institutions get involved in the missing of billions. The president and government does nothing.

Malawians have opened their eyes, they know who are thieves.

Citizens of Malawi do not need propaganda from decorated tabloids from within or from without.

They are aware and they know who remove in 2019 just as they know who to put in the government.

Yes! Malawi is a divided nation when it comes to voting patterns but one thing “tabloids and thieves” do not realize is that Malawians from the north, central, east and South have agreed one thing; to remove thieves from the government.

Theft and corruption has united all citizens of Malawi.

Malawians are not ready to vote for thieves, corrupt and plunderers of tax money.

The effects of corruption have not spared tribe, region or area. Malawi as a whole has suffered greatly because of the vice of corruption.

This has strongly united voters in Malawi.

The people that are enjoying the “government of thieves and corruption” are those practising the vice but each and every tax payer is angry and they see “May 2019” taking too long to come.

Tabloid “Economic Intelligence Unit” must be an enemy of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and president Peter Mutharika for releasing such a report less than 10 months to elections because the report will and is going to weaken the ruling party with hopes; not knowing it is committing political suicide feeling confident with the report.

Truth be said, life in Malawi is hurting, painful, worse and devastating.

Malawians do not feel the single digit inflation of 7%.

They are not even seeing the development that the ruling party is shining with.

What Malawians can pat the shoulders of DPP for job well-done are “foundation stones”.

The Utopian dictum call upon the government and president Peter Mutharika not to take citizens for granted.

There is too much anger in the hearts of citizens. Economic and social development has been neglected making life so tough for all citizens of the country except few that are bargaining on corruption and stealing taxes of people.

There is no area which is better. Every sector has deteriorated because of the “soft stance” by president Peter Mutharika and his government.

Unfortunately this is not 1994 when citizens just wanted change. In 2019 there is criteria as to why elections are to be conducted and the “reason” is pasted in the heart of every voter.

Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor works for MAENGA;

His views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

Maravi Post Author
Maravi Post Author
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  1. Your biased article will not stop Malawians from voting for APM and DPP. Malawians cannot be fooled into voting for your MCP. Your MCP with its Islamisation agenda will for ever remain in opposition.

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