By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Correct the mistakes of the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika. Arrest all the ministers that stole tax money from 2004. Return the money and confiscate all properties and assets to state.

Probe with speed the wealth of Bingu Wa Mutharika and return MK92 billion back to state.

Release the 13 files and prosecute the offenders without delay.

George Chaponda must serve sentence in Malawi jail and all the confiscated money returned into state.

Probe BEAM of first lady Getrude Mutharika and all the money injected into the company.

Probe who torched offices of Minister of Agriculture and bring to book all suspects and George Chaponda must be banished from any political activities for 20 years he has destroyed the prospects of a better nation.

All the ministers who have become millionaires overnight such as Kondwani Nakhumwa must be probed by an independent “Corruption and Constitutional court” to be established as a matter of urgency.

Peter Mutharika as a president must declare his interests before he joined and declare how much he has amassed as minister in his brothers government up to the time he became the president of the Republic of Malawi.

All the monies that state companies have been giving the ruling party must be returned into state.

The giving of money by state companies to any ruling party must be criminalized.

Presidential powers must be reduced.

President must win elections with 50+1 percentage.

All Lhomwes that have been appointed because of tribe not qualifications and on merit must be replaced.

All relatives of ministers, president and spouse that have been appointed in state institutions due to favouritism must be recalled and dismissed.

All the people that burned the warehouse where ballot boxes of 2014 elections were stored be known and brought to book.

All the money stolen at U.N. meant for Malawi Defence Force must be returned and the minister of foreign affairs then who is George Chaponda must be arrested to serve sentence with hard labour.

All embassy staff that have been involved with scandals of theft and corruption must be dismissed and arrested.

Cash Gate suspects and thieves must be apprehended without looking at political affiliation.

All Indian businesses involved in helping Malawi politicians to swindle taxes of citizens must be deported or serve jail sentences.

All the billions that got lost in ministries, departments, agencies and other state companies must be returned and all principal secretaries and heads of departments must be arrested or dismissed without litigation.

If DPP and president Peter Mutharika can do this in 10 months, Malawians are likely to vote him back into power.

Failing to bring Malawi to this level Peter Mutharika is and must be a “one term” president and DPP is losing elections next year.

By copy of this letter any political party that will win elections in 2019 must insert these points in the preamble of its Manifesto.

Citizens of Malawi are tired, exhausted and fed up with the type of politics multiparty dispensation has brought in the country the past 24 years. There must be full stop to nonsense at State house and the way of running government in Malawi.

It’s time there must be “responsible sense in the brains” of politicians otherwise poor citizens are ready to take up bows, arrows, knobkerries and clubs to fight all greedy politicians for the sake of Sanity in our nation.

To president Peter Mutharika this is the “love and care” the Utopian dictum can offer. If you will see your presidency beyond 2019 get this free advice. It’s a free advice but constructive and worthwhile.

To Lazarus Chakwera and MCP you can borrow the leaf. You can become a best leader in Malawi by heeding to this call.

To the “New Liberation Project” which is cooking you can add this as your greeting message to Malawians on your preface.

2019 is the year of “Transformation and Total Liberation” of the history of our nation.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
rules of engagement for a new Malawi from 2019 and beyond.

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