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Is Malawi’s National Unity Day relevant amid Tonse Alliance fall out?

Mtambo on Unity Day

By Burnett Munthali

Malawi has a ministry for National Unity and Peace something like that whose first and current minister is Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo.

The minister celebrated the national day for peace and unity at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on Friday, October 14, 2022 where he encouraged Malawians to coexist and be united.

Mtambo is associated with HRDC which organised non stop violent protests throughout the country from 2019-2020 when we finally had fresh presidential elections which were set by the constitutional court.

Alliances were formed as a result of the court interpretation of the term “majority” which according to the understanding of the five judges, it meant 50+1% for one to be recognised as a wi…
[08:38, 15/10/2022] +265 884 23 58 71: TONSE ALLIANCE AS PERPETRATORS OF CORRUPTION

Have you wondered why corruption is so rampant during the Tonse Alliance regime? This is not a coincidence at all. It was gradually planned in various phases. In fact, Tonse Alliance government ascended to power with an agenda of looting government resources.

1.Mtambo’s sponsored nationwide demonstrations

Malawians are easily carried away by events. They did not question as to who was sponsoring Mtambo’s nationwide demonstrations that contributed to the overthrow of Peter Mutharika’s government.

Such demonstrations were craftily planned. Malawians can recall that the conspiracy to overthrow Mutharika’s regime was leaked through an audio in which the then human rights activist Timothy Mtambo was heard assuring Pastor Lazarus Chakwera of a successful mission to destabilize the country.

For sure, those who sponsored the Mtambo’s demonstrations would want to benefit from this government either through appeasements of some kind or by dubiously winning government contracts.

  1. Judicial coup to overthrow Mutharika’s government

It is still mind boggling why the court nullified the 2019 presidential elections when it admitted that it did not find any element of rigging and that there was no evidence that irregularities affected the votes of any presidential candidate.

It smacks of ultra vires and a corrupt mind when a lower court overrode the verdict of the higher court on the interpretation of the word ‘majority’.

  1. High costs of 2020 presidential elections case

It sounds like a corruption syndicate when taxpayers money was used to pay Chakwera and Chilima to the tune of over 4 billion kwacha as part of court costs. Obviously, this indicates that these leaders have no welfare of people at heart but to amass wealth at every opportunity.

  1. Chakwera’s appeasement policy

It is reasonable to conclude that Chakwera’s appeasement policy is a catalyst for corruption. Chakwera has no shame to openly appease Timothy Mtambo, Agness Patemba, Macdonald Sembereka, Billy Mayaya, Veronica Chakwera, Sean Kampondeni and Chilima’s mother in law just to mention a few.

  1. Empty campaign promises

It took corrupt minds of Chakwera and Chilima to promise Malawians what they could not deliver. They were well aware that they could not deliver cheap fertilizer, bullet trains, megafarms, cheap passports, three meals a day among others. This was a form of corruption and lies. People exchanged their votes for such unfulfilled promises. Now is the time for these leaders to enjoy the delicacies of their corrupt actions.

  1. Chilima’s dream of doubling the positions of vice president and Minister of finance

The whole nation heard Chilima at Njamba Freedom Park that he agreed with Chakwera that he would be appointed minister of finance. This was an indication that Chilima’s vigorous campaign was aimed at controlling the government’s purse. Obviously, this was a recipe for corruption. Thanks to Chakwera for not honoring this diabolical dream.

  1. Nepotism, tribalism and regionalism

If the president and vice president can appoint their relatives into public positions, can they stand on a moral ground to reprimand their subordinates against nepotism, tribalism and regionalism? Obviously nepotism promotes corruption.

  1. Violation of well established procedures

Chakwera’s government is promoting their agenda of defrauding government by not following well stipulated rules and procedures.

Mr. Kachaje is still holding on his position with his masters degree from unaccredited institution if the report from the ombudsman is to go by.

Likewise, Ms. Helen Buluma is still the acting chief executive officer of National Oil company of Malawi, weeks after the ombudsman directed that she should be fired.

Tonse Alliance government is corrupt. Currently, one can’t understand that the whole government machinery can opt to procure fertilizer from the UK based butchery company, a business enterprises that specialises in selling meat products.

  1. Selective justice

The Tonse Alliance regime is promoting corruption through selective justice. Malawians are aware that former cabinet ministers such as Ken Kandodo, Kenzie Msukwa and Newton Kambala were summarily fired based on mere allegations of corruption. What is stopping Chakwera from firing minister of natural resources, Eisenhower Mkaka, who is being investigated on his involvement in Sattar’s corrupt deals? Why can’t judges who are suspected of corruption be suspended from presiding over corruption cases? Selective justice is breeding corruption.

  1. Capture of government institutions

To be able to carry out corrupt activities freely, Chakwera’s government has captured all government institutions. The Anti Corruption Bureau ( ACB ), the judiciary and the legislature are all compromised.

No tangible case on corruption has been concluded by ACB so far. The Judiciary is busy protecting corruption suspects from being arrested by ACB. The Parliamentary Public Appointment committee was also compromised when it rescinded its decision to appoint the embattled director of ACB.

It seems that the agenda of Tonse Alliance regime to steal and loot government resources is successful

Mtambo Led Destructive Demos in Malawi

 Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, has denied – before parliament – that he led violent demonstrations .

Unity Minister Timothy Mtambo Not Fit to Preach ‘Peace’ – Opposition

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