…Prophet Bushiri lied that I have paid criminals and he has apologised – Java 

…There are people who are planning my downfall. They have given people money to shoot me in December but it will not happen – Bushiri.

Prophet Passion Java, Major 1 fight resurfaces

PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-Prophet Passion Java’s prophecy that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will die this December has landed him in trouble, resurfacing the beef between the two prophets that started earlier this month.

Java issued the controversial prophecy earlier this month, but claimed it had been revealed to him last year.

In another clip, Java said he is praying to God so that the prophecy does not come to pass.

Java said he is praying to God so that the prophecy does not come to pass

“I saw one of the greatest prophets alive, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, dying in the month of December. I am still praying for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but I saw him dying in the month of December” prophesied the Zimbabwean.

Java who is the founder of Kingdom Embassy & KTV World Wide and Passion Java Ministries claims to have accurately predicted the death of President  Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe.

Prophet Java claims to have also prophesied Mandela’s death six months before his actual death and accurately predicted what the US President Barrack Obama would say during the funeral ceremony.

But his prophecy that Prophet Bushiri, who is widely known as Major 1, clearly ruffled some feather with Bushiri calling the Zimbabwean a fake prophet.

“Some attention seekers, looking for attention to become popular and fame using some peoples’ names, saying ‘Oh I saw it in the spirit, he’s gonna die’. Just for attention. We are around, we are not going anywhere,” Bushiri had initially responded to Java.

“I will not even mention his name because that is what he wanted. I am not mentioning his name because he is fake. I am not dying. On 31st December I will be in FNB Stadium” said Bushiri referring to his crossover event.

Clearly annoyed and angry, Bushiri bashed Gaffa Prophet Passion Java for wishing death on the Enlightened Christian Gathering founder.

“It is not right. It is not even godly to be using some people’s names. You do not play with words of death. This is a serious issue. Just to be popular, you want to use somebody’s name” Bushiri responded annoyingly.

Major 1 claimed that Java had hired hit-men to kill the Malawian televangelist in December.

“There are people who are planning for my downfall. They have even given people money to shoot me in December so it comes out as a prophecy, yet they have done it themselves. But it will not happen. I have got the video where this man [Java] was paying criminals not knowing that”

While we are unable to decipher who between the two Prophets is fake, Passion Java has claimed that Bushiri has apologised in person for branding him as fake.

“I received a call from Prophet Bushiri himself and he expressed what he felt I did wrong on my end and he apologised when he lied that I had hired criminals and snipers to shoot him” claims Java.

Meanwhile, Bushiri is yet to refute the Java’s claims which paints Major 1 as a lying prophet. Java says the men Bushiri claims were hired assassins are artists widely known in Zimbabwe.

Despite urging his followers from commenting on the prophecy he issued, Java is yet to rescind his prophecy. Instead, he insisted that the Bushiri dealth prophecy is in a book titled I Told You So that he published in 2018.

“Everything is normal now. So I would not want any of my sons and daughters or anyone who follows my ministry to comment anything about this prophecy” he says while asking God to bless Prophet Bushiri and his family”.

Sources: zambianobserver.com

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