Richard Msowoya: Malawi speaker

Our social media fight and struggle for Malawi to be one among many open societies, is bearing fruits.

Credit must go to men and women of integrity for concluding the most sacred work that will put a smile on the faces of the majority of Malawians.

With the new system of 50+1 votes during presidential elections, our nation will bury down regionalism and tribalism in the country. It will ease the rampant corruption, will ease stigma and stereo type of many and most ills that have befallen our nation at the start of democracy in Malawi.

Recommendations are proposed by almost the entire nation, but we have reservations on the other proposed bill raised. There is an absence of a bill that accommodates minority tribes and regions.

Political geography as well as demographics of political climate in Malawi, already indicate that the majority will always rule, which will bring more divisions than the anticipated unity.

The Southern and Eastern regions, are the densely populated areas in Malawi. There is no doubt with the political culture and governance tradition that has blanketed our nation for the past 53 years. will give Southerners the upper hand if the system is going to be limited on run off elections. In doing so, we will be isolating central and northern regions of the country because of the smaller population in those areas.

It is incumbent upon decision makers that the amendment of the Constitution, must not look like shielding one group over another.

In addition, taking in mind the financial constraints that our country is going through, it will be literally impossible that two elections can be held in a space of 90 days. We therefore, propose the clause on 50+1 system to have option 1, 2 to three.

For the purposes of sealing cracks and consolidating unity of purpose, there must be options of coalitions just as the British and other democracies do. When one party wins less votes and the other lesser the two with similar ideologies, form a coalition to hit the required 50+1. In the case as of the 2014 elections, the opposition had the upper hand to establish coalitions. It could be DPP and UDF or PP and MCP.

In 2019 we can do the same. In the case of the DPP win with 36% as was the case in 2014 and UDF win at least 16% they can form a government.

This coalitionalization will become a meaningful measure of uniting the nation and steer away from the stinking political regionalism and tribalism that has isolated our brothers and sisters in the north.

As an open society, we must confess that people from the north are and have been tireless freedom-fighters from as far as back as the colonial era. It is not only about them being at state house, but the love they have for this country is also a factor.

Having them at the centre of decision-making on national matters, is settling a score for they may have productive contributions towards our national development.

In addition, coalitions will be an eye-opener where the country will start planting trust towards smaller tea parties as well as briefcase parties too.

There is a great need for secularism of political dispensation if we are keen to see our nation join our neighbours on development agenda and human development index.

In secularism, it means coalitions will empower the likes of historic but smaller parties such as AFORD, KK Party, MAFUNDE and others to distinguish their distinction towards the development of our nation.

Do not the lock doors of new players in the field of politics.

The last but not least, is the credentials required for one to be the president of our nation. The Special Law Commision on the review of Electoral Law, has proposed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for a presidential candidate. This cannot work in Malawi, because out of the 17 million citizens it’s doubtful if we have 2 million citizens that are graduates.

In limiting such a small number of citizens to vie to  be the rulers of our land, is depriving the majority that are naturally intelligent, and talented to take on the challenges of being the president of this country. Besides this, Malawi is one the countries that applied tribal and tongue segregation, and discrimination from the early 1980s to early 1990s where only those with great names and money were favoured into tertiary education.

The leaders we will be electing are going to come from that class, which is going to be apartheid on its own at state house.

We do not need to segregate or discriminate. Qualification to become a leader must remain “Citizenship” nothing else.

If a census can tell that Malawi has 10 million graduates with degrees, we can start considering credentials.

In addition to this, the politics of Malawi has shown that graduates have not made good politicians. We have few examples. Check in the pot, many will agree with this.

However, it is our appeal to the August House in Lilongwe, to endorse the new amendments and consider the repercussions of coalitions are omitted. The lawmakers should remove the recommendation on credentials and qualifications of the presidential candidates.

Namibia’s success story of economic development, has been laid down by illiterate men in class but literate in their brains. Examples of this are Sam Nujoma — founding father of Namibia; and Hifikepunye Pohamba Mo Ibrahim.

Therefore leadership is not about education, but resilience, zeal, dedication and spiritfulness.

Educated men and women of Malawi have lost our political trust because as we fight for freedom and restoration, many if not all of them, will tell you they are not interested in politics, they want to make sure their children enter schools in the UK or USA; leaving the uneducated suffering on the ground to fight against despots and corrupt leaders in the country.

We do not want to be graders that clears the ground for cowards.

graduates must meet us on the political field and prove their worth to be at plot number one in Lilongwe or Sanjika.

To the president we say, you just have to sign the bills when presented. Let us go on the campaign trail with vigour and do the maximum if anyone wants to remain or go into the government.

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the opinions of the Publisher or the Editor of The Maravi Post

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