KCN Students burying dead Unima Council in anti-fee hike protest
KCN Students burying dead Unima Council in anti-fee hike protest

LILONGWE (Maravi Post)—Kamuzu College of Nursing students on Wednesday conducted a legal demonstration in Malawi capital Lilongwe where they petitioned Chancellor of the University of Malawi—President Peter Mutharika—urging him to show leadership on the fee hike impasse  and drop his embarrassing leadership style of burying his head in the sand whenever trouble comes.  President Mutharika’s critics say that he is always shy in showing leadership on matters requiring his leadership. They say that when he was Minister of Education during his late brother’s regime, it took him over 8 months to say something on the academic freedom saga which rocked the University of Malawi, a clear sign of incompetency.

During the current fee hike stalemate, the critics such as Professor Chisi say that Mutharika is quite and has refrained from commenting on the issue on any given public forum, a situation which shows that Mutharika is not capable of facing challenges.

The critics also claim that it took Mutharika many cases of chopped, dead and abdications of people with Albinism for him to attempt to give hope to Malawians. They add that to show his cluelessness, Mutharika’s messages containing mere threats that he would apprehend people involved in killings of people with abductions, which were being aired on state controlled MBC, fell on deaf ears as the killers were still on rampage until Malawians thought of doing something themselves to protect people with Albinism. This followed the passing of stiff sentences by the Mzuzu High Court judge which sent a clear message that the honey moon for the killers was over. It has also taken the efforts of Malawian clerics in organizing prayer sessions to ask God to intervene on the matter.

During the protest, the students carried a coffin and conducted a burial ceremony of the insensitive University of Malawi Council which has remained adamant to reduce the fees.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has put his full support on the cause of the University students by urging the authorities to discuss with the students in order to reach a compromise.

Chakwera chided government authorities who are refusing to discuss the matter with the students reminding them that “dialogue is not monologue” and that there was a need to reach a compromise with the students as soon as possible.





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