The Malawi Court hearing the Petitions from UTM and MCP has resumed sitting in Lilongwe after a weekend recess. Justice Healey Potani, judge president leading the panel of judges presiding over the elections case made housekeeping announcement.

Potani says court will be finishing proceedings at 12 noon every Friday.

Frank Mbeta, lawyer for DPP presidential candidate, Peter Mutharika, continues cross-examining UTM presidential candidate Saulos Chilima.

Mbeta: Are you aware most presiding officers were teachers?

Saulos Chilima: Yes, that should be correct

Mbeta: And these teachers were discharging duties right at the schools they normally work

Saulos Chilima: Yea that should be the ideal case, but I can’t say with full certainty how they were deployed

Mbeta: But MEC would have made it clear to the parties who are going to be presiding officers?

Saulos Chilima: Yes, that is correct

Mbeta: Would you therefore agree with me that MEC was not transferring teachers from one school to be presiding officers at another school?

Saulos Chilima: That I cannot say

Mbeta: And are you aware that schools do stock correctional fluid, popularly known as Tippex

Saulos Chilima: unfortunately, I am not ware

Mbeta: When you went to vote, you said you voted at St. Thomas Commercial School, you saw that there were desks and tables that were used

Saulos Chilima: Yes, there tables and chairs that were used

Mbeta: Were these also provided by MEC:

Saulos Chilima: I wouldn’t know

Mbeta: In her statement, the chairperson does not state that Tippex was used to rig elections, is that correct?

Saulos Chilima: No that has not been said in the audio

Mbeta: Is there any other instance when she has said something to that effect?

Saulos Chilima: Not to my knowledge

Mbeta: In her statement, she has also made it clear that the use of Tippex has a spanned across the country, you remember that part?

Saulos Chilima: Yes, I do

Mbeta: Let’s check for instance, Rumphi. Are you aware that you pulled the most valid votes in Rumphi than any other candidate?

Saulos Chilima: Yes, I know

Mbeta: And are you aware that, for instance in Salima, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera got the highest valid votes

Saulos Chilima: That should also be correct

Mbeta: And are you aware, in Mangochi Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika got the highest votes

Saulos Chilima: That should also be correct

Mbeta: But from the statement of the chairperson as well as from exhibits you have brought in this court, Tippex was used in area, almost number of areas, including Rumphi, Salima and Mangochi?

Saulos Chilima: Yes, she did say that it was in all districts, the three would be part of the same

Mbeta: And from what you have brought in court as evidence, would agree with her Tippex was used across the county:

Saulos Chilima: Yes

Mbeta: You have already told the court, that Tipp-ex did not affect valid votes cast per candidate, you would therefore agree with me that you do not have any evidence that shows that tippex was used in favour of Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika

Saulos Chilima: Based on statements here, No.

Mbeta: Did you have an opportunity before filing your evidence to file such evidence

Saulos Chilima: No, I have not.

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