Kondwani Nankhumwa: minister of local government and rural development
Minister Nankhumwa: Master Propagandist at Globe Newspaper Ltd

The Kondwani Nankhumwa owned Globe Newspaper Ltd—an unprofessionally run propaganda newspaper for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which circulates weekly and specializes in character assassination of their opponents—was at it yesterday, feeding lies to its unsuspecting readers to the effect that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the Peoples Party (PP) have entered into alliance in order to defeat DPP during the coming 2019 general elections.

The Lie Exposed: 

The paper reported:

“The Weekly Globe has established that yesterday, February 2, 2017 MCP President Lazarus Chakwera and former President Joyce Banda met on the sidelines of the international prayer breakfast in New York to discuss their alliance whose minutes The Weekly Globe is in possession of.”

Our investigations have established and confirmed that Chakwera never travelled anywhere. The opposition leader, has for the past weeks, including this week been in Malawi. He has been granting interviews on Capital FM and in Daily Newspapers and for the past week, he has been busy preparing for Parliament which is set to commence its sitting this Monday. So for the Nankhumwa run Globe Newspaper to claim that Chakwera was in the US with Joyce Banda is a total lie and shows total disrespect to their readers who dare buy this paper.

Our investigations have also established that the ‘prayer breakfast’ annual event in the US takes place in Washington DC and not New York as how the paper reported.

What motivated the propaganda?:

Those who are privy to the concoction of this propaganda at state house told this reporter that the Nankhumwa led propaganda team was motivated by a picture which the Peoples Party Camp through their foot-soldier Gerald Kampanikiza released on the social media where former President Joyce Banda was pictured with PP delegates she invited in the US.

“Gerald was just bragging on the social media with the picture perhaps to send message to our (DPP) camp that his party is still ticking.

“However, to the DPP propagandist, this was an opportunity to churn out a propaganda to destroy their target,” the source said.

Propaganda formulated:

The state house source then went for the kill and the propaganda was concocted to the effect that a Malawi diplomat in Brazil is the one who is mastermind of this non-existing MCP/PP alliance.

Reported the Globe:

“A Diplomat in President Peter Mutharika’s Government (name withheld) currently working at the Malawian Embassy in Brazil is reported to be the mastermind and facilitator of alliance talks between Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) ahead of  the 2019 Tripartite Elections.”

Propaganda rationale demystified

Our investigation has revealed that the person they are referring to as the diplomat is the Malawi Ambassador in Brazil. The reason which was corroborated by another trusted source was to implicate the Ambassador as he is touted as an undisputed Chief Elections Strategist by the DPP gurus.

“The Ambassador is a respected chief elections strategist and has three general election victories to his credit.

“For example, you may recall when Bingu won in 2009, the ambassador was publicly congratulated for a job well done,” said our source adding that even President Peter Mutharika himself “has ever tasted the Ambassadors soup and knows if he is a good chef or not.”

The source made sense of the propaganda when he explained that there is an old ongoing feud between Chaponda and the Ambassador which led to Chaponda recommending to President Mutharika to fire the Ambassador who was then serving at the United Nations but instead, the President perhaps knowing how important this Ambassador is simply dumped him to Brazil.

Few months ago, the Ambassador called Chaponda the biggest ‘Judas” surrounding Mutharika and Chaponda hit back vowing he will destroy him.

Against this background, Chaponda and Nankhumwa fully aware that the only thing which can make a good sound bite and be perceived as true at face value then churned out the propaganda to the effect that the Ambassador is forming an alliance with MCP and DPP.

“They didn’t disclose the name of the Ambassador perhaps for fear of possible lawsuit of their bogus newspaper.

“In fact, they give Mutharika a copy of the paper and they knew the president will read the story, get furious and be blackmailed to fire the Ambassador,” said our source adding that “we will see if the President will act kindly or harshly on this diplomat.”

“These are the caliber of the president’s top aides who feed him with lies for it beggars belief as to why Nankhumwa and Chaponda can lie in broad day light about Chakwera being in US when simple intelligence tells to the contrary. It defies logic as to how Nankhumwa and crew can lie that there is an alliance when there is no alliance and it is mind boggling to imagine how Nankhumwa can be attacking a member of his own DPP family in the name this Malawi Brazil diplomat.

“Why not asking him for an explanation? Perhaps it is true what they say that you make a forceful case accusing a dog of having rabies to justify why you want to kill it.

“It sounds typical of a Biblical Mordecai vs Haman battle and only time will tell as to who will survive,” concluded the state house source.

DPP inner gurus are running a campaign to get rid of influential non-Lomwes both in the party and government. Vice President Saulos Chilima has already been squeezed because though he is brilliant cannot be trusted to lead the party since he is a non- Lomwe. The plotters of the downfall of Chilima are the same people plotting for the downfall of this Ambassador because they are not Lomwes and therefore by default are considered as pariahs in the party and government.

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