Joyce Banda
If Joyce Banda and Moses Kumkuyu succeed in their plan to swallow MCP, it will be the greatest coup of all time

Written by Patseni Mauka

As Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera plans to protect and reward Joyce Banda and her team of fellow PP cashgaters in the unlikely event that he wins elections, Banda, former and current PP members are planning to swallow MCP. A source close to the secret meetings for the plan has revealed that the main architects of the plan are Joyce Banda, her son Roy Kachale and Moses Kumkuyu.

MCP is now full of former PP senior members including Moses Kumkuyu, Sidik Mia, Harry Mkandawire, Sosten Gwengwe, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, Ken Kandodo and Cornelius Mwalwanda. Former PP Vice President Khumbo Kachale has joined MCP in a coalition. These former PP members plus the current PP members brought by Joyce Banda are having secret meetings to plan on how to take over MCP. The main man from the group of former PP members that joined MCP is Kumkuyu.

People’s Party plan to take over MCP has been made easy by Lazarus Chakwera who has already shared power with PP before winning elections. Observing photos of joint rallies between the two parties or three if you count briefcase Freedom Party (FP), one painfully notes that power has already been shared between naive MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera, cashgate queen Joyce Banda,  Sidik Mia and Khumbo Kachale.

After these comes Joyce Banda’s son Roy Kachale and other smaller actors like MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka. The rest of the MCP supporters trail way behind on the ladder of power without knowing that their party has been sold.

After failing to revive itself due to an embarrassing loss of power in the 2014 elections, PP plans to swallow MCP and make itself stronger than before. The prospect of having a strong PP with the same politicians that master minded one of the biggest financial scandals in Malawi is scary. It is scary because, thanks to their mafia way of doing things, five years after the scandal, these politicians have no been arrested.

Cashgate Convict Oswald Lutepo mentioned Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP) as the main beneficiaries of billions of stolen taxpayers money. Lutepo said the money was for PP’s 2014 campaign. He was a member of PP and was seen many times in the company of Joyce Banda at State House ‘donating’ vehicles. He ‘donated’ billions of Kwachas in cash and kind. For money to come out of government accounts without obvious connections to them, PP politicians led by Joyce Banda sought help from unscrupulous businessmen.

Unfortunately, the only people who have been taken to court and convicted are the businessmen and some civil servants. The PP politicians who were the master-minders are freely roaming the streets and making coalitions with other politicians to be elected back into government in order to continue from where they left. No senior PP politician has been charged and tried.

The executive branch of government which is supposed to charge such suspected criminals and take them to court is headed by politicians. The current ruling DPP politicians have their own version of cashgate dating way back before Joyce Banda became president. On top of that Joyce Banda was one of the senior DPP members when the DPP version of cashgate took place.

Despite the fact that Joyce Banda is now a political rival to DPP, their roots are entangled, so is their style of stealing money from account number one. DPP would also pay a heavy price if the trial of Joyce Banda revealed more on DPP version of cashgate. Seven ministers in the current cabinet are implicated in the DPP cashgate. That is why Peter Mutharika, the head of state can not prosecute Joyce Banda. These are the main reasons why Joyce Banda and other PP politicians are not being arrested.

If Joyce Banda and Moses Kumkuyu succeed in their plan to swallow MCP, it will be the greatest coup of all time. Credit to them, they have chosen the best time to attempt the take over. MCP has the weakest leadership since it’s formation 59 years ago. Get your popcorn and enjoy the drama.


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