Botswana’s President Seretse Ian Khama (L) shakes hands with his then vice-president Mokgweetsi Masisi. The two are now heavy rivals

Botswana is heading into her most hotly contested elections of her history, the same was said about the 2014 elections but this time its different, these elections are going to determine the very future of this republic, in terms of human rights and economic growth and our civil liberties.

Let me just state that both sets of elections have one common denominator Lt Gen Ian Khama.

In 2014 he was head of state as BDP president, and Batswana wanted him out of office hence the lowest popular vote ever achieved by the BDP, in fact had the BCP joined the UDC the BDP would have fallen in 2014.

The UDC had Batswana convinced that Khama was the devil and had even murdered Gomolemo Motswaledi.

This time around Khama has joined forces with the UDC to oust the BDP, and remove his handpicked successor HE MEK Masisi from office.

Khama has fomed a new political party and is helping the UDC with their campaigns.

There is only one question that each and every one of us with a sensible brain must ask ourselves,


What exactly is it that Masisi has done or is not doing that Khama is willing to go to such great lengths to have him removed from office and destroy a party that his father co founded and built this nation to what it is now, a party that he believes belonged to his mother and father a party that elevated him to the highest office of the land.

I can assure that it is not because his cooks and gardeners were transferred to other departments.

His brother not being made Vice president, his long time friend and confidant Isaac Kgosi being fired as DISS director general and his following arrest, the onslaught of investigations of his close associates by BURS and DCEC, now these to me sound like more valid reasons, he continues to accuse Masisi of all the things that the opposition accused him off, fear of DISS, escalating corruption, harassment of opposition activists?

And the UDC is there next to him clapping their hands? Khama had hoped to have control of government from outside, and he believed that in HE MEK Masisi he would have just that. That turned out not to be the case, hence where we are today.

From threatening Khama with prison time two years ago the UDC are now bedfellows with him and are trying to convince us all that they are all members of the opposition and want to convince us all that its about removing the BDP from power.

Their naivety is astonishing. Should the union of Khama and the UDC deliver a change in government, we should all be very worried.

The UDC has no idea of what they are getting themselves into and indeed the entire nation along with them.

Ian Khama is a master of divide and rule, and all Ian Khama wants right now is self preservation and the preservation of all those closest to him including Isaac Kgosi.

Should they win, God help us all, the UDC leadership will have no Idea what hit them.

Duma and Dumelang will not be on talking terms within the first month of their reign if their relationship is not already taking a strain from the Khama factor.

I read on facebook last week as opposition members celebrated the numbers at a Khama rally, and telling members of the BDP to be worried.

Its not the BDP that should be worried it is the damage that Khama will do to the UDC should they win elections.

The BDP will be relegated to an opposition party and the best the BDP wiill be able to do is we told you so.

God blessed Botswana by allowing Masisi into fooling Khama to leave office. Batswana are about to reverse those blessings.

I assure you somehow Khama will end up disrupting the UDC led government, somehow he will end up in charge, mark my words.

When this happens and Batswana panic, and want to reverse their mistakes they will have no way out

. Internet and social media will most probably get regulated, journalists arrested as Outsa Mokone and Sonny Serite can testify to.

The electronic voting machine introduced,the nightmare Isaac Kgosi back at DISS and Ian Khama in complete control of our everyday lives.

He will not make the same mistake of relinquishing power twice, there is too much at stake for him.

Khama’s desperation is out there for everyone to see and asses, he is talking about a lack of development under the BDP rule, I dont know if he has a severe case of amnesia or what, up until 18 months ago the very BDP led government he accuses of failing to develop the country he led for 10 years as head of state and was part of as vice president for another 10 years.

I mean really, are we really that gullible Batswana? the master of divide and rule Khama is trying to get Bangwato behind him playing a tribalistic card, milking the chieftancy issue to its fullest.

Bear in mind that Khama is only playing the chieftancy card when it suits him best.

He has always been about wild animals and his business interests in the tourism sector.

Batswana must give themselves time to think very thoroughly about the choice they are going to make come October, for once he has his foot in the door, there will be no getting rid of Lt Gen Ian Khama, and we will all pay a heavy price for it.



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