Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah

Written by Patseni Mauka

Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) announcement of a presidential winner despite scores of electoral fraud complaints means, for now, we are stuck with an 80 year old thief and his vice who would never be given a job by any serious employer.

With the magic of ballot box stuffing, correction fluid on result sheets and computer manipulation of results by MEC staff, Dr Saulos Chilima’s quest to rid Malawi of mediocrity has taken a detour. Chilima was a favorite presidential candidate for millions of Malawians.

It is detour because a leader of a people’s movement does not quit in the middle of a fight, certainly not a leader of Chilima’s calibre. Chilima is one hell of a hard worker and fighter. At the age of 46, time is on his side.

Chilima cast vote amid speculation of his name missing on list

Chilima has demonstrated tremendous leadership skills. Just a few months ago, UTM was non existent. But he showed us how to start a movement owned by the people. He made all the right moves to establish UTM party. He led the party in organizing a very credible convention and took an elected mandate. Chilima has managed to utilize the full potential of UTM dedicated members.

The coming of UTM created great enthusiasm in the Malawi 2019 election campaign. It is unfortunate that MEC decided to completely remove this enthusiasm by conducting the dodgiest election Malawians have ever witnessed.

Fortunately, Malawians have refused to accept rigged elections and are now fighting for justice both inside and outside the courts. Malawians are refusing to accept that an 80 year old frail man and his uneducated second in command should be imposed on the nation.

Malawi has great potential and just needs proper leadership. Such leadership should be chosen by the people through credible elections. Chilima has demonstrated that Malawi has people who know what is necessary to develop this great country. The emergence of such people should not be halted by rigging of elections to maintain a corrupt regime.

Chilima remains the man to watch. As the majority of Malawians look for justice on how the 2019 elections were conducted, they should be assured that Chilima will lead them until the mafias, who are bent on making Malawi a failed state, are defeated once and for all.

As the battle continues, the great son of Malawi has lined up a press conference on Friday, 7th June at 10:00 o’clock in the morning. This promises to be a mother of all press conferences. No one can afford to miss Chilima speaking to the nation.

In addition, on Saturday 8th June, all roads lead to Mzuzu upper stadium for a big UTM rally. If the detractors thought the quest to cleanse Malawi of corruption and mediocrity would end with their rigging of elections, they will wake up confused and surprised like DPP President Peter Mutharika who addressed the nation partly asleep, confused and frail as never seen before.

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