Mia and aspirant Chisala


By Leo Mkhuwala


One of the country’s most neglected constituencies in terms of development, Blantyre Rural-West, was never the same when the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President, Muhammed Sidik Mia stormed the constituency on Tuesday.


Meeting the party’s grassroot leaders and supporters in the jam packed Village Headman Galufu Community Hall, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kunthembwe, Mia was touted “Boma! Boma! Boma!” followed by chants in deafening unison: “A Mia ndi boma lero” meaning, “Mia in now government.”


In his speech before distributing party materials, the political heavy- weight urged them all to rally their support behind MCP  servant leadership of Lazarus Chakwera and his Vice, Sidik Mia.


He also urged them never to be lured by failed leaders who have miserably hit the rocks, with the worst leadership style ever recorded in the history of political regimes since the advent of multiparty politics.


Mia explained that, his coming back from retirement, was solely aimed at bailing Malawians from the dungeon of man-made poverty that has worsened, by sheer greed and thievery of political leaders in the current regime.


In praise of the former President, late Bingu wa Mutharika, Mia said,   “if Bingu is regarded as one of the best leaders Malawi has ever had, it was because, me, Sidik Mia was part of background vibrant players in the late President’s cabinet.”


He therefore assured that, the forthcoming MCP- led has ready solutions to many problems rocking the country and that, key problems like the persistent blackouts, will be dealt with within the first year after assuming power.


Most applicable to the impoverished area, whose incumbent legislator is former Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, Mia said once in power, MCP will revamp the current unconducive banking services and replace it with banks that will offer low interest or interest free loans.


During the visit, Mia unveiled the MCP Shadow MP for the area, Mike Chisala.

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