By Richard Kanyenda

Now all the grief and uncertainty are done and dusted, Malawi has  legit leaders whom we have unanimously voted into power for the next five years.

After a one week period of waiting for the electoral results amidst anxiety, court battles and scenes of violence here and there, Dr. Jane Ansah and her Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) have declared the winners (parliamentary and presidential) whom we elected on May 21 to make decisions for the nation on our behalf as we follow right behind.

Some of us are rejoicing that our choices have rightfully come to pass while others have missed the ball, but whatever the case, the leaders we have put in place are here for all of us  and their leadership will benefit all us in our own measures depending on where we are positioned and how we are connected socio-politically.

Be what it is! What’s very evident is that MEC has revealed to us the leaders we decided to put into motion for the prosperity or poverty of Mother Malawi.

As it is now, it is no longer a question of who voted for this one or that one, rather it is a question of how are we going to make or break Malawi together.

We can now go back to our usual order of the day as MEC also embarks on another cycle of preparation for the next polls.

However, it is clear that the whole voting process was riddled with a myriad of anomalies; suffice it to say that if it was not Malawi, a re-run of the whole process was the only remedy. But this is Malawi and here at home, taking no for an answer is very normal and our way of doing business is the usual one. You know it!

Nevertheless, Madame Dr. Jane Ansah, SC JA and the entire MEC team deserve a pat on their back for standing the pressure and the heat in the kitchen.

The week has been rough and tough coupled with sleepless nights but the woman has proven to be an iron lady; different from late Maxon Mbendera (may his soul continue to rest in peace) who announced the results amidst tears.

To date,  nobody still knows why the lawman did that. Madame Ansah managed to do her job with total prowess and an impeccable  sense of professionalism. I attribute that to personality traits;  every person has their own.

Congratulations to all of you who have become our leaders. All the best as you take us to the next rang of the development ladder. Bravo!