Rev. Malani Mtonga


By Spacial Absalom

It never rains but pours to the former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament  (MP) for Karonga south constituency Rev. Malani Mtonga as he is failing to settle his life in his area despite conceded the defeat as some suspected Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are hunting for his head accusing him for being behind President Peter Mutharika’s victory in the 2019 tripartite elections.

The Malawi Electoral Commission  (MEC) declared Mutharika the winner at eleventh hour (Monday evening) following the lift of injunction that the MCP leader, Dr Lazourus Chakwera obtained at the Lilongwe High Court on Wednesday last week restricting MEC from announcing the Presidential the results.

Traditionally, results are out soon after the elections and after the voting account.

Mtonga who stood as an  MP for Karonga south constituency in the past elections but failed to MCP candidate, Uchizi Harawa is accused of making challenge to the northers that whether they like or not Mutharika will carry a flag.

Gogo Gowoka, one of the renowned MCP supporters in the north wrote “I am celebrating the loss of MP Rev. Malani Mtonga. This guy was rude and openly told the northerners that APM  will not win. But the good thing is that him [Mtonga] has lost, kkkkk where ever he is he now understand the wrath of the northerners.”

Fearless youths activists, Steven Simsokwe who is now the councillor for Chilanga ward in Karonga openly told Mtonga that the north will not bowdown to DPP because the region has gained nothing from Mutharika in the past five years.

Simsokwe said only the southerners and people from eastern region are in love with the victory of DPP and has since asked Mtonga to apologize to the northerners.

“I know and have heard that DPP supporters in the north are flocking to Karonga south constituency of Malani Mtonga to celebrate the victory of APM. But Mtonga should know that we are seeing this. Why his constituency out of all big places in the north?. Wadya zambiri but he will vomit,” he said.

This reporter can reveal that apart from the Kamuzu stadium celebration, DPP supporters in various districts  the north are in celebrations with Karonga south constituency  as a hotpot for a semi-celebrations.

Speaking with this reporter, Mtonga constituency campaign director, Chawa Mnogzi said ” we are on the moon celebrating the victory of APM. We have lost the MP seat but we have won the general elections with APM as the President. We people of Chilumba and other parts wish our president good success as he is geared to lead and transform  Malawi for the next 5 years.”

DPP opponents believe that Mtonga has received  huge amount of cash to hold this event but this reporter can reveal that Mtonga used his money and that after looking how strong he has been in the north, he has won trust of many.

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