Malawians in Tanzania
Backlash against Malawian migrants in Tanzania Many returning Back home to Malawi

Hundreds of Malawians living in Tanzania illegally are flocking back home due to the tough life they are experiencing in the host country, officials have confirmed.
According to the Malawi Immigration spokesperson at Songwe border in Karonga, Yusuf Shaibu, so far 500 Malawians have been registered returning from Tanzania.

Shaibu said most of the Malawians disclosed that fake police officer in Tanzania are taking advantage of their status by abusing them in different forms.
He said as of this morning (Sunday)  his office has registered over 60 Malawians.

One of the concerned Malawians Margret Mhone of 35 years old told the immigration department office that the fake police officers are raping and torturing them.

“The fake police officers usually go into the house of the Malawians stripping them naked, grabbing their properties and rapping women,” said Mhone.

Mhone who hails from Kasingu village in the area of Traditional Authority Malazi in Nkhata bay said “Malawians are now running back home because of such environment.”

A 28 year old man Wiseman Chitete who served three month jail term after failing to pay a fine of one million Tanzanian Shirings for illegal stay said “warders at the  prison are also abusing Malawians.”

Meanwhile, the group is appealing for a help from government.

Edited By Maneno Chimulala

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