Reverend Nyodo 

Tension and tempers ran high at the burial ceremony of Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe .

The service that was being broadcast live on MBC radio and television revealed the growing tension between chiefs and the clergy.

The service revealed two camps being present that which supported President Peter Mutharika and oppressed the leader of opposition and Vice President of Republic of Malawi Dr Saulos Chilima.

This camp lead by Local Government Minister Kondwani Nakhumwa failed to respect the presences of the Vice president.

In his speech representing the state president, the local Government minister failed to acknowledge the presence of the Vice president as he omitted the vice presidents name in list of those salutation.

After his speech the master of ceremonies ordered that the program be handed over to the clergy denying the vice president and leader of opposition to have opportunity to give last respect to the fallen the chief.

In return the clergy represented by the General Secretary of  church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod, Reverend Levi Nyondo, described the actions of the government as an anomaly and therefore ordered that things being changed.

He then ordered that before the church service began that the Vice president of the Republic of Malawi and the leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera both be given opportunity to speak.

This was welcomed by applause by mourners , however this was short lived.   as chiefs stormed over where Reverend Nyondo was speaking to take the mic away from him.

The chiefs then stated that it’s against the laws of Malawi for anyone to speak after the president. They then demanded the church service to  begin .

This didn’t go well with Nyondo who then demanded that Government must stay away from church business.

“All stakeholders must be represented. It is only right that the leader of opposition and the vice president be given an opportunity to mourn the chief. It is high time that Government stops intervening in church business.

“It’s important that when producing programs for funerals that both the state and the church work together. What has happened today must never occur again”, echoed Nyondo.

Nyondo words were applauded by the crowd as most felt that funeral services must not be programmed to favour one side but rather to accommodate all stakeholders.

At the service we saw the Vice President sitting amongst the crowd away from his rightful place.

Therefore it was noted  further that the government side oppressing the two key leaders by omitting their names in those to lead as they escorted Themba la mathemba Chikulamayembe to his final resting place.