Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata

Against all common sense, in a demonstration of a regrettable disconnect from suffering Malawians; a top DPP official obviously high on something, dared to proclaim that Malawians will continue languishing under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) third-rate administration until 2099.Kenneth Sanga, the senior DPP in question, speaking recently at a public rally, made clear the intention of the DPP: to misgovern and keep misgoverning Malawi until the country is buried six feet deep, as a result of the unchecked corruption, blatant nepotism and poverty of leadership.

He didn’t exactly put it this way. But it can easily be construed by weighing what he said against the speed at which Malawi is cruising to a chasm.

Were this a joke and were Mr Sanga merely playing ‘follow-the-leader’ and trying to outdo his boss with his ‘eat-mice-and-zitete’ tragi-comedy, it would have been funny, very funny. Ha haha!

But Malawi being in her most dire straits like never before, to have the very people failing to deliver any of their electoral manifesto promises making such statements, is cause for concern.

When one looks at their dismal failure versus their nonsensical wishful thinking to rule forever against a background of how they got to Sanjika via outright deception of the masses, such statements can drive even the most docile Malawian to run riot.

But this insensitivity is not the only indictment against the DPP.  On top of the promises it is not even trying to keep, we now have perpetuation of Cashgate in many various new forms.

I will save this for others, but if you want to start checking, begin with the money bills, especially the loan to refurbish Chileka Airport, and follow the money.

On top of this, the DPP now wants to kill a whole generation with prohibitive university fees.

Then there are reports of Malawi Defence Forces’ disquiet with the baffling humiliation of their commander, of hunger across the country and of an economy gone to the dogs.

As many others have said elsewhere, it would have been better if the country was running on autopilot because on autopilot, technology takes over while unmanned as Malawi is, gravity brings everything down.

Ours is a case where the pilot has abandoned the cockpit 30,000meters above sea level, to make merry in the business class while seeking more affluent party space – without engaging the plane on autopilot – leaving us all in grave danger.

The result is a president ignorant of happenings in his own country, in his own administration and worse, even in his own cabinet. How can he follow developments having relinquished control of the cockpit, where all the control apps and informatics are?

This is why no amount of window-dressing is succeeding to camouflage Mutharika’s failures, his unfitness for purpose, and his party’s addiction to greed.

The question I often get after such dire diagnosis is, ‘Allan, sure you can talk and you’re right, but so what? What’s next?’

For answers, let us look to the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), and its preoccupation with regime change.

NIB’s nightmare, knowing as it does the wide-ranging discontent that Mutharika has bred, is regime change. Now, assuming NIB is right, then we all ought to help NIB’s machinations, forged coup letters and all, become real by giving this serious thought.

Let’s face it. Without regime change, we are licensing the DPP to continue with its bad governance programme until 2099. If we allow this to happen, then we are indeed the daftest species plying the earth.

The question is no longer whether those protesting mediocrity really want regime change, no. This is a foregone conclusion.

The question at hand is: once we get rid of Mutharika today, who comes next? And it is when one looks at those aspiring for the presidency, or the parties interested in displacing the DPP, that the headache begins.

I wish I could, here and now, declare: “Ladies and Gentlemen, let us look to the Leader of Opposition, Dr Lazarus Chakwera and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP)”.

But I can’t.

I wish I could, right now, declare: “Ladies and Countrymen, our hope lies in ‘Dr’ UladiMussa or KamlepoKalua or whosoever and the Peoples’ Party (PP).”

Sadly, this is equally unfeasible. Why?

If recent reports are anything to go by, DrChakwera has a lot of learning to do plus he has to decide what he wants to be.

Let me put it this way. No one can run a political party like a Church, just as a Church cannot be run like a party. Politics and religious issues – where people follow blindly – are different.

The Peoples Party (PP) is a virtual non starter. Even from planet Mars you can surmise that no one is in control and gravity is at play.

As for AtupeleMuluzi, forget him. Ever since he pirated Siku Motors’ motto: ‘Here today, There tomorrow’, only the people directly benefitting from his see-saw politics take him seriously.

So here we are: devoid of leadership in the incumbent, and those on the touchline can hardly get it up.

What about the Vice President, DrSaulosiChilima?

Does he love Malawi enough to denounce the sinking Titanic that is taking us all down, and can he be bold enough to jump ship, demonstrate that with his private sector experience, education and comparative youth, he has what it takes to take over the captaincy of this ship and steer it in the right direction?

To hit the nail on the head: does he have the guts or like the Leader of Opposition, he is happy as long as he gets his perks, fat allowances, the other larger than life benefits, goes to Church and time goes?

The bottom line is: without a viable alternative, Malawians can only suffer and wilt with despair knowing that as things stand, there is no super substitute on the bench.

I weep for Malawi, will you join me, or has compassion fled to brutish beasts?

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