Chilima during campaign stood against corruption

By Fryson Chodzi

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The MK6.2billion fiasco has exposed the Tonse Government to an extent of being portrayed as clueless, corrupt and careless. Ironically Saulos Chilima is either not involved in the whole debacle or is rather complicit.

I have it from reliable sources that a silent pact was reached at State House to deliberately sideline the Veep in order to take off the steam and limelight from the energetic Vice President.

First, it seems that Rev. Chakwera has decided to throw to the bin the secretly guarded agreement and terms of the contract between himself and Chilima. In the coming weeks, I will be disclosing the contents of the agreement that was signed between Chilima and Chakwera and how the man of God turned politician and now president has gone against his own words.

However for today, the concern is rather why Chilima is not standing up to defend the people as he used to do during the reign of APM.

Let’s face facts, Chilima with APM had a good solid 2 or more years of working unimpeded and was allowed to shine. He was delegated and given all the necessary tools to work.

Today for the insecurities at State House, Chilima has only had a cordial relationship with Chakwera just for four months or less.

And in the midst of this here comes the K6.2billion scandal which needs the cooperation of the two. The real SKC would have handled this with stamina and patriotism not those weak and lazy directives tantalized in American English by both the speaker and the author of the speeches. Revelations coming daily and fast, clearly shows that there was a merry Christmas on the covid funds.

Rev. Chakwera has been caught off guard. On 17th January 2021 he made a flowery expenditure report on how the K6.2billion had been used. He presented this report with a sense of conviction and pride and even went further to state that his administration was doing better in management of Covid funds compared to the previous Government. Based on the success of how K6.2billion was used, he authorized the release of additional K17.52billion without delay to the same Clusters arguing they needed additional funding.

Chilima now has to stand up. Yes people voted for Tonse Alliance with leadership of Chakwera but truth be told, it was on the strength of UTM promises and charisma of Chilima that won the people’s votes. It was the salivating promises made by SKC that made people vote for Chakwera. Chilima talked of no nonsense approach to corruption and his promise to clean the prisons of petty criminals and fill them with corrupt politicians and civil servants, melted the hearts of many Malawians on the things to come.

Today’s failure to implement those promises is making Chilima to be a liar and a crook, how long will the Vice President allow his name and political career be soiled and destroyed by Chakwera? Chilima is known for his anti-corruption stance and his silence on the Covid gate is mind baffling and I am not surprised that people are sarcastically associating his silence to that of K6.2billion.

May the real Chilima please stand up now or be buried together with this fast becoming unlikable Government quickly digging its own grave faster than lightening due to corruption, ineptness, and cluelessness.

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