By Rozario Chikalaza, concerned citizen from Neno

Dear Hon R Chimwendo Banda,

I thought to write you to remind you of some of the corruption scandals that have happened in Tonse administration whose main partner is Malawi Congress Party (MCP) under President Lazarus Chakwera but swept under the carpet.

I just want to let you know that we are not robots neither gold fish that cant think on its own.

Just after taking over from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) you guys went in all parastatals getting moneys and fuels in the name of inauguration which failed but you never returned the moneys.

After this you went ahead taking MK5billion for statehouse refurbishment which just went into your pockets.

We still remember the crossroads gate dont think it has been erased from our minds still fresh.

From Crossroads you went ahead to NOCMA fighting yourselves with your alliance partner UTM for deals. we know.

It was last week you honourable you were involved in corruption scandal going round meeting the mwenyes getting millions of money from them together with Mkaka . Dont think we dont know this.

After the first scandal NOCMA is involved again in a MK50 million contract corruption and nothing has happened.

This time you have embezzled 6.2billion covid money you think we are kids ?

My question is from all these scandals no one has been arrested even questioned by the police neither the MCP ACB.

Stop acting yourself as a saint. Dont be a hypocrite.
Zangazanga was implicated in NOCMA deal what happened to him? Nothing

State house press secretary Brian Banda and Saen Kampondeni have been going around getting millions from the mwenyes nothing has happened.

Being Minister of Homeland Security, Mr Chimwendo, your task is not forcing Malawi Police Service to arrest those deemed against Chakwera leadership but rather provide professionalism in men and women in uniform.

Malawi Police Service is not your farm or house to dictates its operation.

Remember, you will never be the minister forever

You can’t fool us.

Mwachepa kwabasi!!!

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank