MRA officer Rosa Mbilizi arrested

The political inspired arrests started within days of Lazarus Chakwera being sworn in as the new President of the Republic of Malawi.

The arresting of MRA Deputy Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi July 10th on trumped up charges of clearing imported bags of cement under President Mutharika’s TPIN, was according to observers another new and embarrassing low that MCP government had landed on.

Many observers noted this was President Chakwera’s mission to implicate innocent officers at the tax-collection body in order to pave for illegal appointment of a new deputy that was expected to start clearing goods and items by big companies that have been sponsoring MCP’s campaign in order to cover for their billions accumulated loans.

This was just the beginning, it took The Supreme Court of Appeal to order the unconditional release of former president Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard, Norman Chisale.

Lazarus Chakwera and his cronies, the new Attorney General of Malawi, Dr Chikosa Silungwe and Judge Ivy Kamanga were arresting, re-arresting Chisale and Ivy Kamanga made sure to deny bail by being creative. Her hand was slapped and If she has any decency, she will start practicing law instead of being a political hack. 

Justice Ivy Kamanga wondered how Chisale, a person allegedly with mental issues, can be signing affidavits

Now that their abuses have been revealed, A State House official on Monday dared journalists to make follow ups on recent spate of arrests saying it was not the responsibility of the Presidency to do so.

Answering a question during the weekly brief State House Director of Communications Sean Kampondeni asked the journalists: “If you ask the ACB or Police what do they say? It’s not our job.”

He said these  Government agencies work independently of State House.

About a dozen top officials in the former administration have been arrested for alleged fraud and corruption charges. Among these include Norman Chisale   chief bodyguard of former president Arthur Peter Mutharika.

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