Kabwila initiating project to empower constituents economically


By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The main purpose of this life is to help others but if not, not hurt them because the law of nature one day gets its rough to oppressors.

This the same what is happening in the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) facing after 31 years of atrocities led by Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

After Kamuzu reign come into end in 1993 that saw the coming in of multiparty democracy under Bakili Muluzi, till now MCP has always come second in general elections.

Former MCP leader John Zenus Ungapange Tembo tried his political prowess to convince Malawians for the country’s leadership, he failed? Why the law of nature gets its rough to oppressors.

Now, Dr Lazarus leads MCP since 2013 till now but mistakes made by his predecessors are far much to be worked on hence so many challenges rocking the party.

Since 2013, MCP has never be short of internal squabbles that a sensible leadership could have worked on it till now.

For instance, Chakwera leadership failed miserably to address concerns that was raised by former MCP Regional and district chairpersons until the matter died in court after Chakwera hold staged convention in April, 2018.

The disgruntled former MCP DCs and RCs left the party joining other parties including UTM party. This excited Chakwera and other self-motive leaders in the party thinking that, the chapter is closed. NO, making a big mistake.

Now, primaries elections are rocked with challenges; staging, endorsement, buying people? For what instead of having a political solution.

The Salima North West lawmaker, Dr. Jessie Kabwila is one a few loyal MCP members who has suffered a lot for the party.

She was once arrested for treason until the state withdrew the case but she still stand firm being MCP loyal member.

Kabwila was also once her vehicle torched by unknown thugs suspected from both MCP and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but she still remains with MCP.

Now, she has been pushed right, left and centre on her constituency primaries which for twice failed until on December 17, 2018, the Lakeshore region under Augustine Chidzanja held botched and staged again primaries favouring aspirant Enoch Phale who is DPP plant to confuse MCP supporters.

The outspoken lawmaker Kabwila who is also Malawi Parliamentary Women caucus chairperson has done so much to MCP than the rest members who are close to Chakwera.

The Salima North West legislator has been advancing MCP agenda both in and outside Parliament even international conferences but MCP leadership has never appreciated her power and good will for the party.

What is has noted so far is the MCP leadership taking her commitment and loyalty as a threat which the law of nature will came again into their neck.

When Kabwila does all this she is into the party interests not herself. She serves well the constituency with various developmental projects but the party leadership think the opposite.

Kabwila was very instrumental in 2014 general elections with others to sell Chakwera to the general public but that is forgotten because one has soft ride over anything, trust, MCP will get a gain a whip of the law on nature to remain in opposition.

All what Kabwila and others are facing, Chakwera being MCP leader has never spoken against the mistreatment she gets.

The question is Why Kabwila still get spanners despite loyalty and commitment to MCP? Where is the leadership kindness over the kind and hardworking spirit?

Where is the spirit of forgiveness, kindness and caring in MCP leadership?

The law on nature will continue to whip MCP to remain in opposition until they support the oppressed.


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