Not Trump
Not Trump

Minister of Home Affairs who is also the Nkhata bay law maker Grace Obama Chiumia has on Monday attacked Malawians who are spreading news that she has change her name to ‘Grace Trump Chiumia’ in the social media.

Soon after Donald Trump won the Presidential election in the United States of America (USA), rumors in the social media emerged that Chiumia has adopted the name ‘Trump.’

However, the minister vehemently denied the allegation at the presence of Karonga traditional leaders, politicians, business community and civil society organizations.

“I want to refute the allegation made in the social media that I have now adopted the name Trump,” said Chiumia.

According to Chiumia, the name Obama was given to her by people in her constituency because of her historical back ground.

“You know Barack Obama was the first black President in America. So being the first female MP in my constituency as well as the first minister of sports, people named me Obama,” she disclosed.

“I don’t adopt the name of the American President as some people think,” she added.

The minister then praise herself for being a very blessed woman  as she is always on the first in everything

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