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Boko Haram threatens to kill South Africans over Xenophobic attacks

LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-Popular Islamic Militant group, Boko Haram has threatened to kill South Africans over the renewed xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

The Islamic militant group has given the South African government an ultimatum of 24 hours to stop xenophobic attacks in the country unless terror will be unleashed on their citizens based in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and other surrounding countries.

It appears the infamous terrorist group has listened to the plea of Nigerians to avenge the death of their fellow citizens and loss of their hard earned livelihood.

According to Nigerian Watch reports, this warning was contained in a brief YouTube video message.

The Islamic group also threatened to launch an attack on South African embassies in the aforementioned countries.

Maravi Post Reporter
Maravi Post Reporter
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  1. African is true I support you 100% lets build Africa but those threaten civilians must start from me first

  2. Bring them straight to me brother than I will prove a point that I fear no fish not on civilians bring them to me.

  3. As an African in South Africa I am against any killings of the Nigerians, Zimbabweans or any child of the African soil including south africans that is barbaric act it must stop.

    but this nonsense people making stories about boko Haram attacking south Africa that’s just a social media propaganda .

    if that is true that our brothers boko Haram has said that I will strongly say they have missed the point this time.

    but xenophobia must be stopped.

    and those who sell drugs , Prostitution , human trafficking must be stopped also no matter he’s from south Africa or not.

    and people must have respect for one another

    I think all of us we need to find a solution on this problem between these African children.

    all governments who have their people involve in these conflict must treat these matters with the special attention.

    • We don’t care about that Boko Haram we don’t even scared of them they will do nothing in SA we are not these countries that they treatend them we will burn those rubbish Nigerians untill they take their bags an go back in their countries.u think w will vote for those people to com and fucking up our country selling drugs fo our young children doing arbotion in ou young sisters. We won’t tolerate that rubbish never and never again tomorrow we will start burning in Free State mark my words we are not afraid of those people of Nigeria called Boko Haram#Asinavalo labo if they want to see South African they will be us we hav weapon zobona nezi ngekho mthethweni ke ngoku iGun Ko nyiwa qha

        • Kenny your threats is meaningless due that your people doing wrong things in South Africa but to you is right. Asanda we must not promote violence against Foreigners but there must stop so call nonsense in South Africa. Kenny:to say we going to regret yes is true because we regret and ask ourselves why we allowed Nigerians in our country. Meaning we ready for everything now ride on brother and come and get some

  4. I am not a South African, I’m not on the side of the other Bt guys, let’s make peace, I know all of you my brother’s we want revenge Bt revenge at this time it will even make things worse, they will be more and more angry and this will end up turning into a war… As humans let’s treat one another as accordingly.

    As I said I’m not a South African, please dear brothers remember broken cryons still colours, we may be broken to the fullest, but we all still have a purpose/reason to live.

  5. Mxm some people are useless why they don’t leave us with peace? Nigerian are thugs they selling drags, killing innocent peoples, fake pastor, human trafficking and prostituution instead of come and attack us boko haram must come collect their full of masturbators and leave our fellow south Africans.


  7. as an south african fuck url mother fuckers, you guys think we afraid of Boko imagine, take us on we have bull dogs in the cape flats thats ready to eat url up alive suckers

  8. Some people keep on talking about kill or die you going to found that some can not even able to protect themselves if the heat hit the feny.We better talk about peace instead of fight,kill or die reason I talk about peace is because if scenario change few will stand. Our police officials there full out there to solve the matter but you talk about war please come to me and get some

  9. Its time SA leant to respect human right. Their being lazy shouldn’t be an issue for all Foreigners in their country. We depend on
    them as much as they do,. but as Africa, we can do without them, they can’t! That’s the thing they and their president who so started this whole thing, should learn and accept. I know, strong measures against SA will affect the innocent as well, but its the only way out. Sanctions must be put on SA, nobmatter the cost!!! Sorry! For once, am on the side of all other countries, and not on the innocent in SA! Sanctions! That’s all!

  10. @sibhamu sogodo
    Trust you say? We should trust you guys? Until you finish our people? Yes Africans are one…but the blood of our brothers are crying, really crying and what have you guys done? Nothing… absolutely nothing!!!
    So you want us to trust you people…to kill more ?… impossible…

    The God of Nigeria…the God of universe will definitely fight for us.

  11. It’s interesting, trust police I think u didn’t see a policeman laughing wen fellow a African is blazing hahh

  12. I see our police official dowing their level best to avoid or prevent people South Africans to proceed with their wrong action towards Foreign Nationals but I do not see a need for Boko Haram to threaten our South African base in Nigeria because in South Africa we got ex military private old army people but there not involve to bad action against Foreigner Brothers but Boko Haram want to attack civilians to me there fit themselves where there not suppose to be as so call soldiers. We as trained people we leave everything to the police hands as we trust them but if anyone attack our people then we as ex military we will see what to do but for now we got a trust to our own police that the matter will be solve soon.Boko please soldiers trust South African police Service a matter is in good hands.

      • South African police Service doing very well as we see to prevent the mess but look like you like to kill innocent people. Me I have no fear for the man like me l only fear God only trust me out police we solve the the matter but if you want me as man you welcome I am more than ready

        • nobody is ready to die bro you being dubious.have seen police laughing at a somebody a blaze yet you want to trust same fuckin police, ooh no boko haram it your time now

    • tell your south African brothers to stop being lazy and stupid..they have been supported by other African countries during the apartheid struggle now they have attracted the ruthless boko haram I hope they stop their stupidity

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