Of Chaponda, DPP and firebombing at agriculture ministry office: Malawi is increasingly becoming conducive for crooks, thieves, gangsters

Renowned anticorruption crusader Professor Patrick Lumumba was spot-on by saying  “The tragedy of Africa is that we elect people who turn out to be like hyenas. We tell them to look after goats, and we expect to find the goats when we come back.” This is indeed a tragedy for Malawi which has been in democracy for 23 years after spending 31 years in one party system.

Our ancestors used to say multiparty is war, we wish if they were here we could have pat on their back and shoulders conceding in confession adding it’s not only about war but theft, destruction, lawlessness and corruption. Though war has not blown off yet but taking in mind the status quo of current situation war is not far from breaking up in our country. It is not war that will be caused by Tanzania, Zambia or Mozambique as the fears were when we had peace and tranquility in the olden days. This war will blow from within.

Multiparty democracy has brought worst scenario in the history of our country. In multipartism we have seen armed robbers killing innocent citizens, in multiparty we have witnessed killers being arrested and get released the next day, we have noticed that government properties are at risk of destruction starting from money that have been and are still being stolen in billions. Properties torched where no-one is apprehended. Snakes and mentally disturbed people entering the most protected state houses, Government leaders, from the president to ministers stealing with impunity as if they have another country to go other than Malawi.

George Chaponda
The Office of Minister George Chaponda on fire

Moral society has completely changed and graduated into an unwanted immorality class.  State assets vandalized and no one gets arrested. Malawi has unfortunately and shamefully turned into a jungle state. Those who call themselves leaders and presidents have just undressed themselves to show their naked truth that they are mafias and crooks.

They are ruffians preying on citizens and nation state. No one apart from the poor folks is voicing against this evil while the majority in the echelons and elites are tormenting and skinning the country.

Moral values have disappeared, those few remaining to voice for the welfare of the country are enemies of state labeled as dissidents.

At the dawn of multiparty dispensation those that voiced for the poor and stood for truth were decorated and revered. In the Malawi of today the supposed to be speakers of the people and nation have changed; they are labeled as suspects while real thieves are enjoying and rejoicing their dirty acts of corruption.

We used to have problems of governance under Kamuzu Banda and when the situation reached this point he would come down with sanity and changed our country. This is why we are a multiparty nation because change came from Kamuzu Banda himself. After realizing the country was in tension from within and without, he baptized himself with maturity and changed the nation.

Kamuzu Banda was capable of everything he had well equipped military wing, he had infiltrated the entire society with informers and whistle blowers.  He had state machinery and mechanism under his palm but when the going got tougher he became more human and called for the choice of the people to be respected. “Salute to you founding father the statesman despite your other ills but you loved this nation.”

He called for the referendum and allowed citizens to debate their future. Upon agreeing to change elections were called, exiles granted amnesty to return home. On election day when counting was still under way Kamuzu without consulting his stalwarts and party die-hard supporters  went on air and announced in concession that his rival Bakili Muluzi had won election, the country needed to remain peaceful, he was ready and prepared to step down and help Muluzi keep developing this nation. This was patriotism and conservative leader of the century.

Today the country has gone in the hands of heartless people that came into politics through the window. They are thieves that were supposed to be judged with death sentence if Kamuzu Banda was a ruler today. They steal billions of money from the state and come back to burn state properties in an effort to destroy evidence. The president of the time Peter Mutharika relaxes when the country and state institutions are in inferno.

Countless crimes have been and are still being committed but Peter Mutharika tumbles and still rules.

Am tempted to believe that outside Kamuzu Banda, we have no one who loves this country. Kamuzu Banda built a new capital city and so many infrastructures including capital hill today Peter Mutharika sends his boys to burn it to hide their evil theft.

Under the Mutharikas we hear of buildings catching fire, burning voting papers. Under the Mutharikas, state properties and money are at risk of being transmuted into ash while billions are siphoned to America.

As children of Dr. Kamuzu Banda the man who sacrificed his luxurious comfort zone in exchange for peace and accepted defeat we say:-

“We are not going to allow again thieves in DPP government under Peter Mutharika to burn another state building or state structure. We are not going to let Peter Mutharika and his thieves to keep vandalizing our country, it is better for us to die than watching the destruction of our nation. Malawi is our country, it is the country of our children and great children we would rather die in its protection than live watching.”

Peter Mutharika, George Chaponda and the entire team of DPP thieves are warned to read the Bible book of Daniel. Time for King Nebuchadnezzar to go has come. Peter Mutharika must read the signs of time. This letter is written in English with the words “Mene Mene Tekel Ufarisin”

Not another day shall we allow you to vandalize and scandalize Malawi. Not another day should we tolerate this theft destroying and putting our nation and citizens to shame.

If you are a true leader start acting, arrest all the thieves and stop burning buildings. We are already in disasters of man-made as well as natural we cannot and should not destroy our future because of few greedy and corrupt leaders.

Failing to act by removing the red carpet of thieves, corruption, greed, arson and destruction of the nation…….We will as citizens.

Citizenship is nothing if we stand and watch. Citizenship is useless if we let thieves vandalize our nation.

This nonsense of leadership must stop now or never.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
People’s Movement for Restoration of Malawi (PEREMO)
Malawi Freedom Network  (MFN)
Mzika Za Mdziko Movement  (MZM)
Malawi Watch.
[fear is betrayal sometimes]


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