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Busted! Why hot headed Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister Mkaka is visiting Somaliland

President Bihi Receives Malawi Foreign Minister on Visit to Somaliland

HARGEISA-(MaraviPost)-The hot-headed Foreign Affairs Minister Eisenhower Mkaka who chartered a Malawian Airlines plane to Somaliland is in that country to get millions of dollars for himself and a few government officials which will result in Malawi establishing diplomatic relations with the newly created Somaliland.

We can reveal that Mkaka chartered the plane so that he does not have problems with immigration officials in other countries if he were to fly commercial.

A top government official revealed that Mkaka will have no problems bringing contraband into the country because of the charter plane.

“He is going there to get money, lots of it for himself and a few other cronies in government. That’s the truth. In the end we will be told that Malawi has established diplomatic relations with Somaliland,” said the Capital Hill official.

Insiders said this is not the first time Mkaka has been pocketing bribes since becoming Foreign Affairs Minister six months ago.

He is said to have collected US$900,000 from the Indian government to make sure that the statue of former Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi is erected in Lilongwe after it faced resistance from Malawians in Blantyre including a court order stopping the exercise.

The Malawian Airlines canceled all their flights and gave the only plane they have to Mkaka to travel to Somaliland.

Malawia Airlines does not fly to Somaliland which has nothing that will significantly benefit Malawi.

This is the first time in the history of the country where a mere cabinet minister would charter a plane leaving commercial passengers stranded.

Mkaka is also involved in the escape of self styled Prophet Shepherd Bushiri from South Africa a few weeks ago.

He was pictured with Bushiri aides at a Hotel in South Africa where he received payment to help Bushiri escape South Africa where he is answering fraud charges.

Somaliland Republic bilateral approach

Somalia, apparently rubbed the wrong way by the increasing visibility of the Somaliland Republic and the belated realization of its geopolitical importance in the region, severed ‘diplomatic relations’ with Kenya in a statement it released at an ungodly hour on Saturday (esmall hours of Sunday morning).

The Villa Somalia action met with a cool and mature response on the Kenya side which advised a more responsible study of affairs on the Somalia-Kenya relations, announcing that it would set up a committee to follow up on new developments.

The Republic of Somaliland, which had been enjoying peace, stability and a high-degree of developed democracy on its own for the past thirty years unlike its tumultous past partner, Somalia, to the south, appears to have attracted and held the attention regional giants such as Kenya and Malawi as well as other diplomatic partners such as Taiwan.

The United Kingdom, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, too, have representative offices in the capital, Hargeisa.

The rash reactions of Mogadishu, on another level, never failed to amuse tweeters.whenever Somaliland gained an inch.

Other Tweets highlighted how why Somalilanders were so delighted with Africa waking up to its over 60 years of 30-year Italian Somalia domination, first, followed by persection and pillaging, and another 30-year world intransigence to its right to withdraw from a failed union.

During the latter thirty years, Somaliland built a modern state complete with executive, legislative and judicial councils, security branches, coast guard, army, and own passport, currency, flag, and national anthem.

It effected at least six 1Person-1Vote elections upon which results the national constitution was passed and three presidents changed places which Somalia has no hope of achieving any on same democratic platforms upto this late date.

Instead, Somalia still continues on its robbing spree on common resources earned after the 1960 ill-fated merger and to attempt block every developmental or diplomatic Somaliland move since 1991.


Maravi Post Reporter
Maravi Post Reporter
Op-Ed Columnists, Opinion contributors and one submissions are posted under this Author. In our By-lines we still give Credit to the right Author. However we stand by all reports posted by Maravi Post Reporter.


  1. i am from somaliland and i want to tell you the its unheard story

    Somaliland People are divided when it comes to the succession project

    the European donor countries and superpowers like US and RUSSIA know the reality on the ground

    Somaliland like any part that Somalis live in Horn Africa are divided by clan base lines
    the west part of Somaliland adjacent to the Djibouti border is resided by two clans opposing the secessionists peacefully and are named *ISSA* & *Samaroon*
    the Eastern part bordering the Somali state of Puntland belongs to Darood clans of *Dhulbahante* and *Warsangeli* who control some parts with their brethren clan *Majerteen* in Puntland and they both have been fighting against successive Somaliland governments for the last 30 years

    the middle parts of Somaliland is resided by the Isaak Clans who lead the region politics and conceived the succession dream 60 years ago right after the Somali Republic independence and staged a failed coup in 1960
    they tirelessly waged wars against the late Somali government led by president Siyad Barre through their SNM militia
    They mostly support the idea of gaining independence from the rest of Somalia however the last 3 years they have been bitterly divided and witnessed gorilla wars back and forth among the three biggest clan families ( *Garhejis*, who are the majority in Isaak clans and yet constitute the minority in the ruling regime since its inception.
    The *Habarjelo* who are entrepreneurs and are mostly aligned with the third clan, *Habr Awal*, the defacto rulers of Somaliland since the beginning either directly like today by their so called hero president Muse Bihi or indirectly using financial resources and political arrangements with the *Habr Jelo* to keep off the majority *Garhejis* from gaining power

    the world Superpowers know this truth on the ground and they understand if they grant recognition to Somaliland , the next very day those other clans will ignite a civil war and another breakaway regions would appear in Somali map resulting more defragmentation
    at the end this fire would catch the neighboring horn African countries like Djibouti and Ethiopia and even Kenya itself

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