By Ralph Kasambara

Ralph Kasambara is Malawi’s well-known lawyer that his quick analysis of the just ended disputed May 21 polls, is also a matter of interest which the nation needs to follow up.

Kasambara, as a lawyer confesses on how Malawi’s electoral body was entangled into the electoral fraud that prompted opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM petition the court to nullify the elections results for a re-run.

He writes; When people were saying Tipp ex was used in these elections I dismissed it as one of those sour grapes till today when one of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officials showed me reality.


Here is what this lady shared with me that opened my eyes:


Local govt votes 345

Parliamentary vote 344

Presidential vote 464 with tipex

Registered voters 413 or untippexed 402

Ballots counted 410

So how did presidential vote get to 464???


By the way to have 410 voters turn up to vote out of 413 registered voters is a good turn out.


But to have 464.votes when only 413 or 402 something else.


So far, it is only MEC who is attempting to deny that rigging of 2019 Presidential elections took place. By doing so, Jane Ansah is simply trying to protect herself because she actually comitted the most indictable fraud herself.


During its routine updates when 75% of the votes were counted, the following were the results:

  1. DPP: 1.4 million votes
  2. MCP: 1.2 million votes
  3. UTM: 600, 000 votes.


Soon after the court injunction was lifted, the results were made ready at 100% in which MEC gave us the following final results:


  1. DPP: 1.9 million votes (which is 1.4 million + 500, 000)
  2. MCP: 1.7 million votes (which is 1.2 million + 500, 000)
  3. UTM: 1.1 million votes (which is 600, 000 + 500, 000)


AMalawi anzanga, apa pali madando owopya. Does MEC want us to believe that out of the remaining votes the three contestants scored that uniformly? 500, 000 each? This kind of rigging was not well-thought.

It is on this very ground that Jane Ansah should not be anywhere near MEC or any public institution in Malawi again.

And YES, MEC Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah deserves an arrest when this fraud is fixed!

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