LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)– As of April 13, 2020, Malawi had 16 COVID-19 cases with two deaths.

Most business have been scaled down to about 60%, meaning most citizens are in their homes amid the virus scare.

The citizens are asking; where are you service providers including Airtel, TNM, MTL, ACCESS, Multichoice and among others with their social corporate responsibility?

None of these companies has reduced charges of their services to the public or little to package.

What we hear is ” just dial that code to alert any incidences of COVID-19 cases. Is that all you can offer to your customers?

You made profits already. Let your customers enjoy serious economic bail out packages.

Airtel, TNM, MTL, ACCESS reduce your calling tariffs, credit data even give free of these services at time in a day.

Multchoice, subscribers are expecting free Go TV or reduced monthly charges and those on DSTv have fair monthly fee charges.

That’s the meaningful Social Corporate Responsibility to your customers.

Your customers need your financial bail out packages now than ever before.

NBS Bank Your Caring Bank