Who is the Real VP Chilima or Mia

Reports reaching the Maravi Post indicate there might be trouble brewing between the main two partners UTM and MCP in the Tonse Alliance.

According to people inside both camps, The Malawi Congress party (MCP) and UTM are engaged in a bitter fight for supremacy. The fight comes against the background that Sidik Mia who it is not a hidden secret sponsored Lazarus Chakwera’s rise to power, using money he stole from DPP when he served as secretary-general, believes he deserves to be treated as Vice President of Malawi and not Saulos Chilima.

The arrangement that Sidik Mia who apart from being currently serving as Minister of Transport and Public Works since June 2020, is also the Deputy President of the Malawi Congress Party is acting as Vice President has angered Saulos Chilima who has instructed his media team to go flat out on Sidik Mia.

This has seen Malawi Congress party (MCP) media team coming out in defence of their cash cow Sidik Mia.

Compounding the issues is the history of Saulos Chilima, who is known to indulge in one or two alcoholic drinks and at the moment is not having none of the Shenanigans from Sidik Mia.

Former President Bakili Muluzi shared on his Facebook page that Saulos Chilima has a history of never been in good terms with his bosses in all the jobs he has had, while Mia has not been employed anywhere since he has no papers.

Bakili writes Mia and Chilima are both serving in the “Nyau May Try Govt”; that was put in power through a judicial coup.

The fighting is coming while Malawians are waiting for promises made by the *Nyau may try govt*.The promises include: three meals a day, cheap fertilizer, 1 million jobs in a year for the youth, a bullet train connecting Malawi from Chitipa to Nsanje and 100 thousand nontaxable salary among others.

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