Criminals Chanthunya and Kasambara running free as a bird

In March 2020, the Zomba Magistrate Court moved to the High Court a case in which Misozi Chanthunya is being accused of murdering his 25-year old ex-girlfriend, Linda Gasa on 4th August 2010. He fled the country and was arrested in South Africa by South African authorities in 2012. Chanthunya has been fighting his extradition in South African courts since but some few months ago he withdrew his objection and agreed to be extradited to Malawi.

A witness testifying in the Misozi Chanthunya case, Chikumbutso M’bwana said he was contracted by Chanthunya to dig a pit up a hill near a lodge in Monkey Bay owned by the murder suspect.

The witness said when he asked Chanthunya what the pit was for, the murder suspect just said he wanted to fill it with quarry. M’bwana said the plan did not materialize because the place was too rocky and hard.

Another witness, a former waitress at Chanthunya lodge in Monkey Bay, Major Madondolo said the murder suspect came with the girlfriend at the lodge but later the two left the lodge for an unknown destination. Later, Chanthunya came back driving alone to the lodge.

The witness said at 10pm, Chanthunya sent him to buy drinks but a watchman told Chanthunya that all shops were closed but the murder suspect insisted that he should go and check.

However, with all the flight risk surrounding this citizen, the person is on bail and freely roaming our streets because he is related to Mrs Joyce Banda, one member of the Tonse Alliance of Reverend Lazarus Chakwera.

Another example of shielding criminals is one involving Former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara, who was sentenced to a 13-year prison term on the count of conspiracy to murder Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

Before serving any satisfactory jail time, Ralph Kasambara was bailed out in a very shady and highly suspicious manner and roams freely in the country. Owing to his role in the legal matters of the Tonse Alliance, Kasambara cannot be touched by the long arm of the law under Lazarus ‘Kadingus’ Chakwera.

Meanwhile, security head of former President Peter Mutharika, Mr Norman Chisale, is being persecuted left, right and centre under the watch of the former President of Assemblies of God church, for crimes that the state is yet to present evidence for; and allegations of an attempted murder in Blantyre – but cannot enjoy his rights to a fair bail relief.

This selective justice is what Malawians fought against in 1992 when they rose to choose a multiparty system of government. They got rid of the one-party rule of MCP and all its oppressions where justice never appeared anywhere near its rule.

Cables therefore would like to stand up and call for the MCP-led regime to see to it that it stands by tenets of democracy in ensuring that all those that wrong the law should be dealt with without minding who they are, where they come from and who they are connected to in Government.

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