Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Saturday blasted civil servants behavior of demanding salary increment from government saying it is high time they found an alternative means of sourcing money.

Mutharika made his call during the political rally held in Mulanje district.

According to him, the civil servants should learn a spirit of hard work rather than dependence.

“At this time I want to inform the country’s civil servants that time for demanding salary increment is over. You have to source money on your own,” said Muthalika.

“Government has already done its best and now it is your time. What you can do is to make some business rather than saying we need 75 percent or 35 increment,” he added.

However, some quarters have criticized Mutharika’s remarks saying it is unacceptable.

They said “the development will make civil servant to take more time on their business than to their mandated job.”

According to them, this will also be against the aim of the public service reform which Mutharika’s government is advocating.

Mutharika also take his time to educate law makers in the country saying “many of them fail to pronounce some English words.”

He then advised Malawians to stop depending on Maize as the only crop for food but rather they can start eating grasshoppers, mice and cassava which he said are easy to find.



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