LILONGWE: June 26, 2016, Parliamentary deliberations were last week suspended when People’s party legislator Werani Chilenga moved a motion to waive all relevant standing orders to allow Minister of Finance and Parliament fully conclude outstanding issues on conditions of service.

Basically the Greedy MP was demanding that they get interest free loans on top of the more than double salary he gave to himself and his friends in 2014. The country is crying for help and all our MPs can see is need for more and more for themselves.

Goodall Gondwe
Malawi Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe

AS usual when you put a group of greedy selfish bastards together, Confusion reigned in the House prompting First Deputy Speaker Ester Chilenje to ask Chilenga to specify the time when members should reconvene as the phrase “up to until” was indefinite. “When is the House supposed to re-convene after suspension? What time?” Wondered Chilenje.

She reasoned with the legislators and reminded them that much as their concerns were genuine this is a budget meeting and called on the need to prioritize national issues.

Seeing that Goodall Gondwe was present the Chitipa South parliamentarian demanded him to guide the House on the time members should reconvene.

In his response, Gondwe told the House that the FIX was already in and not to worry as he already had a meeting with greedy Leader of Opposition Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

Assuring the greedy selfish MPs that the matter was already settled and agreed upon.


“The Government is agreeable to implementing all the conditions of service of members of parliament,” assured Goodall Gondwe.


He attempted to give more details of the backroom arrangements before several members interrupted him rising on points of order.


Lilongwe Mpenu legislator Makala Ngozo noted that it was out of order for the Finance Minister to give answers at this point in time as a request had already been made to suspend proceedings to allow the Business Committee and Goodall Gondwe to go into ‘private’ discussions.

Speaking in an interview Leader of the House George Chaponda expressed concern that although Thursday being a private member’s day gives private members to take charge, it was surprising for them to ask for adjournment holding government at ransom.


Chaponda said the last meeting of the Business Committee and Minister of Finance agreed that the General Purpose Fund valued at K3 Million should be obtained from the bank.

“The K3 Million they are talking about we received assurance from the Minister of Finance that he had agreed to sign for it that they can go to the bank and receive the amount which they have asked for at a rate of 27% interest,” explained Chaponda.


Chaponda lamented like all of us are doing that being a budget session national issues should have been prioritized. But NO, not for these greedy bastards.


“While they have concerns, it’s important to take into account issues affecting the nation – budget – so that we can proceed with issues of hunger,” stressed the Leader of the House.


Parliament was adjourned before 10 o’clock in the morning and resumed at 4 pm with no mention on the outcome of the deadlock. Hopefully they did come to their senses.


It was apparent that a gentleman’s agreement was arrived at as they went straight deliberating a private members motion the Anatomy Amendment Bill presented by Dowa East legislator Richard Banda.


The Bill which has been passed and adopted calls for stiffer penalties to those responsible for attacks, abductions and killings on persons living with albinism.


This is the second time that members of Parliament and the executive arm of Government have locked horns over the issue of MP’s conditions of service particularly the K3 Million Kwacha loans.

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