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Shared by Austin Kajawa,

Malawi got independence from the colonial masters in 1964 and became one party system under the life president Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda. Then the multiparty system was incepted in 1994 under the joker, President Dr. Bakili Muluzi.

It was during this one-party system under Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda period that people saw development taking place, government machinery becoming serious with the issues of law and order. People complained of cruelty but never died of hunger.

There was no such a day my grandparents and anyone elderly I have approached in my present world that has confirmed to me yet that our beloved country Malawi was ever rated on number two or three in terms of poverty levels in the world.

Kamuzu Banda: Died in 1997

Since I was born in 1980s, poverty, issues of social injustice, fake prophets and greedy politicians who even do not care about people’s welfare are some of the shocking angles of democracy that has always been worshipped. Is this really the only physical world that is suitable for us Malawians?

The shock in my conscious has now come to surpass that of the electric. The people and offices where the commoners would depend on to get justice and relief are now the highest places and offices where the biggest thieves, murders, rapists, and fornicators hide and gang up to do eviler. Love and hope to grow better have both been engulfed by the mediocrities.

Some of the trending issues shocking my consciousness are the issues of professionalism, integrity and umunthu. Why are institutions rotten and oppressive when we are conscious beings inserted there? Where is our integrity and umunthu? Why have things come out of control just since the inception of multiparty? I guess there is not any answer to this than mediocrity.

How is it even possible for the same people who advocate for the change in Medias whilst in their comfort zones failing to recognise that our common enemy is mediocrity, corruption, and tribalism? If these three are not our common enemies then you are our worst enemies.

From all these questions, my whole psychoanalysis comes in good terms with the statement that, “more people like Martha Chizuma should be in public institutions.”

However, it is so disheartening to even learn that government in and government out still the offices of the people like Martha Chizuma are not well funded. The people that the public trust. The place where the commoners go and find natural justice are not well funded. This should really give us a signal that we are trapped by the same injustice that only uses the different tone of language to impose the same oppression.

We have waited long enough for the natural justice. We have prayed enough for natural justice. Look at where we still are and where we are going. Will there be a day where Malawians from North to South ever say, thank you politicians?

I view time to be so much dangerous and unappeasable. Once we lose it to do good now, there will never be nthawi ilipo ndipanga mmawa. Time is now and the moment is here to do the needful change and reform for the sake of our best tomorrow and history. This change talked about here might have the power to make forever history and avoid bothered and questioning kids like me in future.

God bless our 5-judge panel. Your stand for the justice of this country was amazing, wonderful, and desired. That was supernatural and undistinguishable. We will always remember that in our history. Women’s law Society, that was amazing too.

Malawi law Society, please clean your house. Holiness does not go together with darkness just like justice does not go together with the rapaciousness.

Justice should be justice and injustice should be injustice!

Austin Kajawa, Zomba

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