Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma (L) Martha Chizuma (R)

Definition of (be) careful what you wish for (used to tell people to think before they say that they want something and to suggest that they may not actually want it)

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who has a following on Facebook and comes from a strong Malawi political resume has penned Martha Chizuma who was reconfirmed as ACB director after an outcry when Public Affairs Committee of Malawi Parliament (PAC) initially rejected her appointment by Lazarus Chakwera  Malawi President

Initial Public Affairs Committee (PAC) actions were supported by people like Ralph Kasambara and many in the opposition who do not believe her neutrality as claimed by many of her supporters.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who also supported the initial rejection of Martha being a good sport has since penned the following:

Congratulations Martha, we are good losers and a good sports woman, I lose gracefully. Now free advice below….

Political hatred has reached unprecedented levels in Malawi. I hope you will not use your position to exert vendetta and revenge witch hunting, especially for those who opposed your appointment, especially Sr. Counsel whose only crime was to give a contrasting legal opinion, nde democracy yo.(that is democracy)

Please prove your  professionalism by rising above political pressure and not be used as whipping shambok. This will be a litmus test to prove if indeed you are what has been touted of you.

My free advice to you is that you MUST remember, we politicians can make a person and just as well break them to pieces. I have seen to many wasted educated, talented, and professional people who have been used and abused and dumped by political interferences.

They get forced to make unlawful and illegal decisions just to appease those who elevated them. Then timakukanani, kukutsatsani and you pay the price alone, ife tili pheee jumping on the next victims. Our  famous  statement mukagwidwa is  “LET LAW TAKE ITS CAUSE” .

 Please check the trend from the Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce and APM eras and count the filled-up graves of professionals smeared by politics. I know what am talking about. Get there and prove to Malawians(which happened to be 17m of various political dispensation) that you indeed what you as said to be cut out to be.

Most people who routed for you or didn’t,  don’t know you personally at all, so do not be bias, prejudice or favoring…. treat ALL cases with utmost professionalism so that we can celebrate your ascendancy to this position of power and influence….as a woman.

GOOD LUCK, you will need it.

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