Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) running mate Everton Chimulirenji

Written by Patseni Mauka

One of the advantages of democracy is that people elect a president and members of parliament of their choice. So in theory, the people that vote for a president who turns out to be mediocre must take responsibility for their decisions.

But there is a catch. People can only select a president and member of parliament who is available to be voted for. You can not vote for someone who is not on the ballot. This is the big disadvantage of democracy. Not all candidates available for election are good. This is why selection of party candidates, especially at presidential level, is crucial.

Equally crucial is the selection of the running mate who is a potential president under certain circumstances. Therefore, those that select leaders need to love our country by choosing competent leaders. By choosing clueless leaders, they simply show that they are not good enough to select good leaders and don’t love the country.

Patseni Mauka

At party level, some presidential candidates are democratically selected but some are not. Some are chosen because the party belongs to a family. Some are lucky to be selected because they are puppets. For example, President Mutharika’s running mate, Everton Chimulilenji, is a big flop. His selection shows Mutharika is a weak leader.

He is a weak leader who was forced to choose someone who is totally unqualified to be a vice president . Puppet Everton doesn’t posses any leadership qualities. Crucial among the qualities he doesn’t have is vision for Malawi, mental capacity for problem solving and potential to motivate professionals in different fields of the Malawi economy.

One quality of a great leader is the ability to solve problems. Leaders face challenges all the time, so they must be able to assess the challenge, find possible solutions as well as consequences associated with those solutions, and select the best possible solution. Chimulilenji doesn’t have that ability. His brain is full of praises for Mutharika, nothing else.

Great leaders are motivators. This leadership quality can be spotted anywhere. Having watched three rallies that Chimulienji has conducted, he is acting like someone who needs approval from DPP members and not someone who can motivate the members to believe in his leadership and any ideas, if he has any.

I feel sorry for Chimulilenji because he has been thrown into a position too big for his abilities. But I can’t blame him for accepting the position. I blame Mutharika for showing that he doesn’t love Malawi. Mutharika has no vision for Malawi. That is why he has chosen someone who also doesn’t have any vision for Malawi.

If Mutharika had a vision and love for Malawi he would have chosen someone with proper leadership credentials considering that among other things, a vice president is a president in waiting. In the unlikely event that this team wins the elections, we will have the worst vice president the country has ever had.

Mutharika is weak at appointing right people for particular jobs. Wise appointments are some of the important traits for a president. Someone who appoints Nicholas Dausi and Charles Mchacha to an important ministry like Homeland Security should not be a president.

We have tried Mutharika, he has failed the country. His decision making process is getting worse and slow as he gets older. Vultures surrounding him are taking advantage of his old age to make decisions for him.

Malawians have a chance to have their say on this mediocre presidential team. If you love Malawi, say no to mediocrity in May this year! It’s time to elect young, wise, energetic, experienced and very capable leaders like Vice President Saulos Chilima.


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