Lilongwe residents brace for UTM at Masitha


By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-At least 61 members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Sunday joined  UTM.

The defectors therefore promised to work with the party following the undesirable events and crooked roles that DPP played  during the just ended general elections  that are largely denounced  by the public .

The DPP central region defectors was Led by their former Lilongwe district governor Mataya .

The DPP members were officially received by UTM secretary general Patricia Kaliati and other party officials at rally that was held at Masintha ground in Lilongwe.

The team was led by backdoor, doubtful acclaimed winners of May 21 elections

Speaking to the big crowd that had gathered in jovial mood, Kaliati reminded the people that the dream and mission of UTM to rescue Malawians is not yet over but just started.

“We are here today to day because of you the people, UTM is here because we are all here and none of you has ever thought of turning back, we thank you for that.  One other good news is that today we have received members from DPP.

“This is a sign that all the theft that DPP committed by rigging the election did not please everyone in their camp. When a party wins an election, people join it , but in the DPP’s case people  are leaving  and the only party they see as of vision is UTM .

She adds; “This is enough evidence that Malawians are the people who refuse to be taken for granted and can say enough is enough.

“Today UTM is a household name and the only hope for Malawi and we are yet to welcome many more members from other political parties in our subsequent gatherings”.

Kaliati further emphasized that the thieves who are self acclaimed winners are exposed in their everyday gatherings as they are also admitting that the elections were rigged

On the crooked and tampered election results , Kaliati  spoke indirectly  in what she referred   the current political situation  as a business  centered on  theft and   expressed  a surprise  that  some groupings  are claiming victory  over the same fake results and are going far by comparing themselves against UTM based on the same results they are complaining about.

“Some business entities started 57 years ago , some 25 year ago as others started  14 years ago , it is just 10 months ago since we started our business and  yet you still  doubted your business and  ended up  stealing our money .

“This only shows that our business is a very big threat and you absolutely know it is growing high each passing day”, she added.

Malawi Electoral Commission declared President Peter Mutharika of DPP is a winner of the 2019 polls contrary to what the civil society organizations and the opposition parties are served with based on their observation and evidence.

The poll results have also been   largely denounced by the Public Affairs Committee, branding them as crooked and highly tampered elections

UTM is on the countrywide Thank-You rallies as a way of appreciating Malawians for the support rendered and brave hearts  in the pre and post election events that keep unfolding including legal engagements at the high court.

Masintha  gathering was the second after a first very successful and highly patronized rally that was held in Mzuzu last week.

It is also expected that the next rally will take place in Blantyre in the yet to be announced date.

The meetings are also branded by UTM as part of  rebuilding and strengthening  the party that has experienced vast growth since its inception.

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