Chilima and Chakwera
First Petitioner Saulos Chilima and second Petitioner Lazarus Chakwera

Angrily responding to a posting on The Maravi Post indicating Chilima is being adviced against the Alliance with Malawi Congress Party (MCP), a person calling themselves – Mbonga Matoga commented as follows below:

Cadet at it again, a clear sign that DPP are spending sleepless nights at the prospect of an MCP UTM alliance……Get over it, the alliance is real and its coming with a bang in the next few days.

I was there at the meeting on Friday and there were no factions as this article is trying to portray….in every deliberation there are always different views and that is welcomed and that is what is called democracy. However, the most important thing is that after deliberating a consensus is reached.

The talks with UTM have not started in earnest, however the general consensus in the Friday meeting was that there are big similarities between what MCP and UTM want to see happening in Malawi like, the total eradication of corruption and nepotism, creation of jobs for everyone, fair distribution of developments across the country and not just in the south, poverty eradication, respect of rule of law, reducing presidential powers, ending power outages and shortage of medicine in our hospitals just to mention a few…..

 It therefore does not really matter who leads the alliance, however it is obvious that the torch bearer in the upcoming election will have to come from the biggest party of the alliance, this is common sense.

Chilima will be the running mate out of respect since he is already the Vice President otherwise, he would have been the second Vice President to Mr Mia. Mr Mia is a humble man and has already accepted that he will be the second Vice President to Chilima in the national interest of our country.

The salary and benefits of the Vice President and the second Vice President are the same so no issues there…….having said that, it is important to mention that both Chilima and Mia did not join politics for the money so stop portraying Mr Mia as a power hungry man.

MCP cannot dump Mr Mia if anything it will be Mr Mia himself who will dump MCP if these kind of articles gets to his head…. but MCP has full confidence in Mr Mia that he will do everything possible to make sure that the MCP UTM alliance works

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