President Lazarus Chakwera on the inauguration day

It is about eleven months since the current regime took over from the embattled Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and ever since, a wide array of developments; both positive and negative, have been recorded. For the positive strides, thumb up! That is exactly what Malawians want, but for the negative ones, hell no! Let there be a stop forthwith before we lose it all!

In the run up to June 2020 fresh presidential election campaign, political parties promised Malawians heaven on earth. But having been fed up with lies and empty promises, Malawians took a bold step to uproot DPP which they replaced with the current Tonse alliance government, which seemed to be lesser evil. Malawians declared enough was enough!

As much as Malawians wanted change, it may be a grave mistake to think that they only wanted the previous regime out of power and have it replaced by any other political leadership.  Malawians love their country and they wish it nothing but crème de la crème. So, it is a serious mistake to begin to think that Malawians are okay with the fact that they changed a political leadership and they are content with it.

The exclusive interview that President Lazarus Chakwera offered to the privately owned Times Group’s Television, earlier this week sent some strong waves of early signs of power drunkenness slowly but surely creeping into the head of state. If not early forewarned and kept in check, this attitude will detour our exodus to Canaan and it will no longer be that most touted destination.

As part of his responses to various questions, the President was heard as saying, “People in different offices play the role of giving me their opinions including the Attorney General (AG), being the legal advisor to government. I take different pieces of advice from different people but others, the public are of the view that when the advice is not taken, then the working relationship is bad.

“When one is given the advice, they are at liberty to choose whether to take or not. I take counsel from a lot of people but I also look at the public interest the common Malawian and even the AG knows that the one who makes the decision is the President,” Chakwera justified himself. 

It is not wrong for the President to take his own decision. In fact, that is his constitutional prerogative! But not all of his decisions are sound or wise. Some of them are more likely to land the nation into serious troubles if not thoroughly screened. After all, the President is not a master of all trades or the monopolist of all knowledge vis-à-vis wisdom.

Take for instance the yesterday’s High Court order (with costs on the President) that demands Chakwera to appoint the two MEC commissioners: Jean Mathanga and Linda Kunje whom he fired Willy nilly, if he took heed of the legal counsel at his disposal, things would surely not come this far. But power drunkenness seems to be taking a centre stage!

More so, the media is replete with the news that the Malawi Congress Party – MCP is currently training its youth at Mtakataka Police Training School in paramilitary skills. In an interview with a local media, the party’s Publicity Secretary, Reverend Maurice  Munthali, admitted to the same. What is the purpose of these trained youth? Power wielding tactics are at play! But it is way too early for such executive blunders! This is time to rebuild the nation. Let’s clear the rubble!

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