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Why Chilima should lead UTM-MCP electoral alliance for Malawi’s fresh presidential polls

Chilima must lead UTM-MCP electoral alliance

Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The cemented opposition UTM and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) electoral alliance ahead of fresh presidential election is the only hope for the nation.

Therefore, insightful and appealing leader must be on a torch bear as Malawi Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on February 3, 2020 shamed President Peter Mutharika alongside Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and embattled Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

The ConCourt brought back the lost glory of conducting credible elections and taming laziness among Malawians that once the president is sworn in, that’s it all, and nothing can come along to nullify polls.

The February 3? landmark presidential election case ruling, humbled crooked politicians who manipulated the entire electoral body system to their interests.

Fresh presidential polls in the next two months should give a new era for Malawians to put insightful leadership that serves interests of citizenry.

Malawi being presidential system of government that head of state has it all on his or her head to run the show of the country, good choice must be made.

Most Malawians want an electoral alliance to meet 50+1 presidential vote which is now very critical to attain.

The article focuses on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM party quality of leadership between Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Dr. Saulos Chilima to bail out Malawians from President Peter Mutharika’s failed tenure of office.

Both Chilima and Chakwera have qualities of leadership but the latter surpasses the other.

Chilima stands the better chances of unseat Mutharika and DPP based on his background of knowing the blue camp than Chakwera.

Firstly, MCP must shave its ego taking Dr. Lazarus Chakwera as semi-god and only leader can take into power. This is wrong.

Secondly, MCP must tame its arrogance of having many lawmakers as being popular shamefully whose Member of Parliament (MP) are only from central region partly Northern region.

Now, the alliance is in place, the nation is looking at two giants on a number of areas including appealing, resourceful, marketer, insightful, taming regionalism, nepotism and among others.

Why Chilima must lead the alliance not Chakwera? Although MCP loyalists will not accept facts outlined below.

Appealing, marketing mode

When you take Chilima and Chakwera to the public, the UTM leader has an edge over Chakwera the way the two talks to the people. Chilima has youth appeal across the country while Chakwera only within the party and central region. Chilima knows how sell the product that’s why he managed to get over one million tippexed votes just nine months after establishment of UTM.

Practical Manifesto

UTM has practical and appealable Manifesto than that of MCP: Three course meal, removing presidential immunity when entangled into law, affordable social services provision; water, electricity, farm inputs and among others. Chilima has always explained in details how will be achieved.

Taming regionalism, favoritism and nepotism

Look, MCP leadership is full of members from one district Lilongwe which Chakwera comes from. What if he becomes head of state? What type of cabinet are we going to have? We are talking of insightful leadership here. Chakwera once becomes a head of state will have the entire mandate to fire and hire everyone to favor his people. Chakwera has not proved to be a good leader who stands on national interests but personal and power hungry.

In UTM, Chilima being at the helm of the party, positions are shared across the country not by regions, tribe.

Once give the leadership, Chilima likely to accommodate everyone Chakwera.

Chakwera messed up at Assemblies of God when he the church leader. So, what more if given the head of state, will he going to listen?

Once Chakwera given the leadership of this country like to punish UTM members as a revenge of rebellion prior to May 21, 2019 polls.

Resourceful and entangle with political monies to run party affairs

Generally, Chakwera is not blessed with giving out spirit, always waits to receive. This is dangerous.

Chakwera has been always financially supported to run his family and party even if he gets resources only puts them to his chest. Just recently, Simbi Phiri of Khato Construction firm told the nation that he supports both DPP and Chakwera. Will Chakwera going to be free from Simbi once get the high office?

On the other hand, Chilima is result-oriented person that those who work with him knows exactly that Chilima is a man of his own word. Chilima has ability to mobilize resources for the party unlike Chakwera who always wait to receive.

Leadership skills

Chakwera has never shown serious leadership skills in MCP. For instance, he failed to united former party’s district and regional chairpersons into new MCP. The matter ended up in court whose results till now is not yet resolved. Eventually, towards May 21 polls, many of them joined other parties.

Chakwera failed also to work along with the former party gurus: Dr. Jessie Kabwila, Gustav Kaliwo, Richard Msowoya, Joseph Njovuyalema, Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and others for fear of being ousted from his position.

Now, will Chakwera going to be a listening head of state from dissenting views? Even at his constituency, the MCP leader is not in good terms with locals.

On the other hand, Chilima is proved to be insightful leader while serving as Malawi Vice President. Chilima was once tussled with Mutharika on other wrong path government takes which is rarely in MCP camp where Chakwera is taken as semi-god.

Chakwera has the vengeance spirit on those deemed to cross his ways unlike Chilima who recently said the past is gone, the nation needs to move forward.

Therefore, Chilima will be able work beyond party politics to serve Malawi than Chakwera who is docile to handle pertinent issues.

Son and neighbor factor

Chilima is a son to Mutharika and DPP who knows exactly what government machinery does while Chakwera is neighbor who just sees things outside the door of government.

This is the reason Mutharika and DPP fear a lot Chilima than Chakwera as the latter knows exactly how government system works to win elections.

So, allow Chilima to lead the alliance to save the nation otherwise putting Chakwera on driving seat, the nation will be a country of vengeance.

Chilima is already Malawi Vice President why should he be again the same post when Chakwera has never served any ministerial position?

If Chilima accepts second slot again, thats his political career end.

Voice of reason

When Chilima speaks, Mutharika and his DPP trembles who answer him word by word.

Just on Friday, April 17, 2020 in Blantyre during ant- Covid-19 lockdown plans, protesters were singing Chilima name “Chilima tipulumutse”. Isnt it a good sign that the public favours Chilima than Chakwera.

We give Chilima the lead for the betterment of this country.

Maravi Post Reporter
Maravi Post Reporter
Op-Ed Columnists, Opinion contributors and one submissions are posted under this Author. In our By-lines we still give Credit to the right Author. However we stand by all reports posted by Maravi Post Reporter.


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