Online gaming, especially on mobile phones, is booming in Africa, with more and more players gaining access to cheap data and/or Wi-Fi connections, and young populations eager to connect with their gaming peers from all across the globe.

The gaming world is one that moves at lightning speed, with a game rising to prominence in the blink of an eye just as a previously popular title is left in the dust. Here are some of the most revered online games on the continent today, with everything from football inspired games to first person shooters making the list.

Graphics have moved on immeasurably since the days of Space Invaders and the like

Card Games

Card games have always been the staple of Africa’s bars and cafes, with the likes of Rummy and Go Fish just as popular now as they ever were. Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that the continent’s love for such games has transferred online, with many people getting interested in one game in particular: poker.

Boosted by the fact that the game is as playable on mobile as it is on a desktop, as well as some poker bonuses allowing players to start out for free, and this is one gaming trend that appears set to grow and grow.

With no need for a costly CPU or console, mobile gaming is tapping into new audiences across Africa


When you consider how fanatical African football fans are about the sport and their home-grown stars, it is no wonder that one of the most popular online games in Africa is FIFA by EA Sports.

This is despite the series of FIFA games being accused of sometimes unfairly shunning African club teams. That aside, there seems like no stopping FIFA, with Esports tournaments dedicated to the game springing up everywhere, from Kenya to South Africa. A South African team even took part in the recent FIFA eNations Stay n Play Cup.

CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

Across the world CS:GO has been a revelation, with the game exploding onto the screens of players and Esports viewers alike. The game’s popularity has been boosted further still in Africa with some of the continent’s best Esports players being drafted by the big American Esports teams, meaning stars of the future have role models to look up to.

With the game making a surprisingly successful transition onto mobile, it seems there is no stopping this game and its future iterations from wowing millions of Africans for years to come.

Leti Arts – Africa’s Legends

African players of online games often lament the fact that not enough of the characters they encounter are relatable, with most usually being white and of Western origin. With this niche in the market growing by the day there are games developers like Leti Arts who are working tirelessly to create online experiences that are as diverse as they are enjoyable.

Africa’s Legends is one such game that harnesses the culture and legend of many African communities to create a game with its roots very much grounded in African soil. There are plenty of other budding African games developers to follow too, including the likes of Free Lives whose games Genital Jousting and Bro Force are some of the most hilariously tongue-in-cheek creations we have ever witnessed.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This multiplayer battle royale game was first dreamed up in South Korea but has since spread like wildfire to conquer the online sphere, combining gun toting action with survival tactics millions of players every day parachute into one of the game’s many maps and do battle till only one of them is left standing.

What has made the game all the more accessible to African gamers is that not only are there great mobile versions of the game available, but also a Lite version, which runs brilliantly on systems with less computing power and poor broadband speeds, meaning no one is excluded from the online melee.

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