By Burnett Munthali

We are living in a nation where corruption is more fashionable than to develop the country. Our state has grown so corrupt that all arms of government and department are corrupt. The executive, the judiciary, legislature are all infected with corruption. My question is, who will investigate, arrest, convict and report these suspects in Malawi?

Spectra of hunger looms for some parts of Malawi

It is confusing that we have corruption everywhere. Our ethical values are not important anymore.

There is definitely something wrong the way we are raising children right from family, religion, school, locations, villages and areas, the books we read and what we watch, the music we listen to and what we say, the friends who we play with and communities around us.

The level of corruption in all corners of Malawi tells us one thing. Everything that we are doing is leading to nothing which means the foundations of our humanity are all broken.

We don’t believe in anything but destruction of our society and self image. We are actually worshipping the devil right in the church and other holy places.

I am not puzzled by pastors. They are the worst leaders because they are used to leading the silent congregation which doesn’t criticize them often times but choose to suffer in silence. Malawians will continue to struggle due to poor leadership. Visionary leaders transform nations as they are there to take the right direction and show people the direction to take.

The Hi 5 Malawi Congress Party (MCP) slogan is just an empty promise because the one who used it on the political podium doesn’t understand it by any standards. He simply chose to use the ideologies like a kindergarten child who is learning to memorise days of the week and thinks that is being intelligent to stand in front of a nursery class and start teaching.

The recent drama episode which took place when Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima was implicated in the Sattar’s corruption scandal and Martha Chizuma’s selective justice is a pure sign of cowardice. She only targets to arrest suspects from the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, leaving Chilima and Eisenhower Mkaka free all this while. Slowly the evidence of the case is being destroyed. A waste of time and resources. Protecting certain individuals in disguise.

Take time to know your leaders before you vote for them just as you need to take your time before you marry your wife. Unfortunately, Malawi is always in a hurry when doing things. Very unfortunate.

Corruption has reached its highest peak today more than ever before and this government is a huge embarrassment. Tonse government is in the forefront of corruption and stealing.

Malawians have become poorer than ever before instead of become financially better. The hope most people had in the Chakwera government is lost.

Malawians are speechless spectators as they struggle to even eat decent meals each day. I was perturbed one day when a man bought nsima without any relish at a restaurant. He started eating his nsima with salt solution as an alternative for relish.

I felt sad when I heard from a neighbour who opened up and said to us that life has become very tough nowadays for their family than ever before. They now miss lunch everyday and manage to eat supper only.

The majority of Malawians with low income have become very poor within two years of Tonse leadership. Poverty is real and being created each day.

Millions of jobs have been badly affected as the people’s buying power keeps going down.

Many families cannot afford to have breakfast every morning yet they were able to have just some two years ago. Pa ground sipali bwino for sure and poverty is becoming real.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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