Have you heard of 5/90 Loto? If not, it’s time to find out how Premier Loto Malawi and their games can make you a winner!

Premier Loto is not just the leading brand in Malawi – it’s the biggest in Africa! It is easier for you to play their 5/90 games than ever before. Premier Loto agents can be found locally, and now their games are now available online here.

How to play and win with Loto Chance

Premier Loto Malawi holds four 5/90 draws a day, giving everybody a chance to play and win. It only costs K100 for a ticket and you can buy as many as you like for each draw. Tickets are available with Premier Loto Malawi agents or on the Premier Bet website – follow this link to create an account.

So, how do you win one of the many cash prizes? It’s quick and easy with Loto Chance. Choose between two and five of your lucky numbers. The more numbers that you choose, the bigger the potential prize! For example, if you pick the maximum of five numbers and they all appear in the draw, you will receive 100,000x your stake! To increase your chances of winning, select four lucky numbers and get 10,000x your stake if all of them match.

You don’t have to match every single number to be a winner with Loto Chance, though! Prizes are awarded when only one number matches, giving you as many opportunities to win as possible!

What next? To discover whether your lucky numbers will appear and earn you one of the cash prizes, make sure to watch each draw live on TV.

What happens if I don’t watch the live draw on TV?

Don’t worry if you miss the draws – there are many more ways to find the results and see whether you are the latest winner. Make sure that you follow the Premier Loto Malawi page on Facebook for fast updates, or find them on the Premier Bet website when you go to buy your new ticket. You can also ask your local Premier Loto agent for the latest numbers.

Loto Chance+

There’s more great news! Premier Loto Malawi are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Loto Chance+!

How is Loto Chance+ different from Loto Chance? It’s simple – you can win an even bigger cash prize! Choose between three and five lucky numbers and you’ll be rewarded if two or more are drawn. Pick five numbers and match them all to receive 200,000x your stake!

Look out for our new game when it launches so you can watch your winnings grow!

Quickpick with Premier Loto Malawi

Alternatively, why not try Quickpick? Choosing Quickpick means that your numbers are selected entirely at random but they could still bring you a cash prize! As the name says, it’s quick – and easy! Again, you can find this option online or with Premier Loto agents.

With so many ways to win with Premier Loto Malawi, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity! Play Lotto, Win Millions!

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