Health problems are typical when one reaches the middle ages. Some issues, however, can be traced to our behavioral activities. People with lower pain or sciatica, for example, can trace it to the fat pockets that they carry. Most men will typically not associate those sharp pains in their backs with their beloved wallets that carry everything.

The term “Wallet sciatica” refers to the lower back pains that result from fitting too many items in a wallet. If the issue persists, it can manifest as piriformis. This article will explore the fat wallet syndrome in-depth and offer solid solutions like replacing your fat wallet with a Kinzd front pocket wallet.

Fat Wallet and Back Pain

Back pain is commonly associated with a weak core or repetitive spinal stress. Your fat wallet, however, could be the only reason for the problem. Men can use the fat wallets to reveal their financial status but maybe putting their health on the line.

Wallets are fundamental accessories, and the roomier, the better to hold all those items we love to carry around. The more you carry the wallet around, however, the more stress you put on your spine and pelvis. A thick wallet will also impact on other structures of your body’s lower region.
A thick wallet may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will get familiar with it over time to the point of it being indispensable.

Fat Wallets and the Lower Body

The hips and pelvis are the foundation of the spine, and they support a person’s standing and sitting activities. Some of the results of carrying a fat wallet include:

• The human body adjusts to different situations. In the case of a fat wallet, your body will pull your core to the side carrying your wallet in a bid to even out the imbalance in the lower region. A fat wallet will also cause the two halves of your pelvis to shift over time. You will be at risk of getting sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

• The spine is the principal organ exposed to back pain and stress. The strain will also impact on other tissues and structures that are also involved in supporting your movements, in addition to the Sciatic nerve surrounding your buttock.

• Compressed nerves will ultimately lead to severe leg pain or tingling.

Dealing with Piriformis Syndrome

One particular video has dealt with the serious pain syndrome resulting from “bringing a superb thick wallet.” In the video, the Texan-based chiropractor Jeff Echols demonstrates the change that happens to your body and your bone structure when you fit a fat wallet in your back pocket over time. Among the solutions that Jeff suggests is carrying one money clip wallets or slim wallets like the Kinzd slim wallet.

A slim front pocket will not only be healthier, but it is stylish and minimalistic too. You will also develop a better posture along the way. The fat wallet syndrome is not exclusive to men since shoulder bags, and heavy
purses can cause the same undesirable symptoms in women.


That fat wallet that you stuff your items in may look harmless, but it can cause severe back pain. To rectify this situation, source for a slim wallet that can easily fit in your front pocket.

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