The failure of Nigeria’s institutions is a result of citizens’ failure to question authorities in power, resulting to the so-called leaders seeing themselves as demigod.

We have been tricked into several deceits by political prostitutes whose aim is to rob citizens and collect all that belongs to the people by force without considering the repercussions or consequences of their actions and inactions.

The highest office under the earth is not the Office of the President, but the Office of the Citizen. However, dictator Buhari’s regime has no respect for human rights.

Nigeria has lost its respect before the international community owing to arbitrary killings of unarmed citizens, violating the rights of the people by using security forces to clamp down on innocent people at every point.

Nepotism is at its peak under the Buhari dictatorship. A nation where unqualified people are ushered into sensitive leadership positions despite a population of over 200 million citizens.

The United States of America is one of the countries that respect the rights of its citizens. The American Government values the lives of its people, so that they go to any length to rescue their citizens out of danger.

The political system in America evokes a sense of patriotism and belonging, equal rights with a conducive environment to  showcase talents with massive support from the government.

In respect of the letter sent by Mr Olalekan Olanrewaju to the President of the United States of America, Joel Biden, and the quick response he got from the President shows that the system works for all.

Nigeria is the only country where a sitting President doesn’t communicate directly to his people except through his aides. Apparently we are not worthy of a presidential response.

No doubt, Nigeria is a contraption under dictator Buhari, with citizens not having direct access to communicate with a man who claims to be their President. Social media, which is the only means of reaching out to the president, has been banned by the tyrant.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian system of government has sent many innocent people to their early graves through intimidation and killing of unarmed peaceful protesters. Obviously, the system has no respect for basic rights.

Despite the fact that the Nigerian Constitution guarantees freedom of expression and speech, the country has been designed to favour only a selected group of criminals.

For long Nigerians have been ridiculed, and citizens are not given a sense of belonging in their own country. Majority feel the country doesn’t belong to them.

For example, people are scared to write petitions against their leaders. Even Some of Nigeria’s elites are too scared to write an ordinary letter to dictator Buhari to question his repressive policies. They are aware that a response will not emanate from the Office of the President. Instead, an invitation from the office of the Department of State Service [DSS] accusing the letter writer of treason felony.

If Mr Olalekan Olanrewaju were in Nigeria and wrote a letter to dictator Muhammadu Buhari, there’s no doubt that he would have heard from the DSS.

Due to the failed system coupled with the incompetent leaders at helm of affairs, citizens have been deprived of their rights for too long. People are not able to write letters to the president and expect a response from a man who thinks everyone else is beneath him.

The cruel system has subjected  Nigerians into writing open letters, since they know that the president will never acknowledge letters written to him privately. Citizens are seen as slaves  that are not important to nation-building.

The people need to resist the lawless actions and behaviour of our political rulers for not responding to the yearnings of the people.

Time to switch over to a digital world where citizens will be passionate to write letters to the president and take legal action against him in the event that he refuses to reply.

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