Dinala Kadyanji they say,

Was not a state witness per se;

To us who know the truth, it matters less.

Why then did she have to be die like a rabid dog?
May Her Soul Rest in Peace

Dinala Kadyanji, they do not refute,
Worked with and knew most of these rabid cash-gaters,
And yet, they imply she would not have said anything in court Re: Cash-gate
Why then have you had her killed?
May Her Soul Rest in Peace All the Same

Dinala Kadyanji was not a statistic, was a human being, 
Dinala Kadyanji was loved and depended upon per her people,
Dinala Kadyanji has been – witness or not – been shut up for good.
And yet I can confidently say that Dinala Kadyanji is now delivering her testimony,
At the Highest of Courts, in the Court of Our Lord in Heaven.
We will follow Dinala, you and me and your children.
And her testimony will condemn us (and our children) to everlasting damnation.

And woe unto us on that day,
That day which comes like cash-gate thief,
When we will face Dinala, a Dinala we will no longer be able to kill.
Fire they say, burns towards the bushes that are still standing,
Kwa Dinala kwatha, mawa ndi ine, iwe ndi ana ako!

May Dinala Kadyanji Soul Rest In Peace.

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